Daily Journal: April 22, 2023

Just a quick one,so I can get back to reading. The good news is that this week’s quota has already been fulfilled, and then some. My total sits at 1,376, which is 116 extra pages, with one more day and a special day that I have in-store tomorrow, but more on that later.

My total for April is now 6,876. There’s still 1,584 pages left on my secondary objective. It will seem that 9 days to get that vast amount of reading done as an impossible task, but judging by my recent reading rhythm, this will be a cake walk.

To close out the day, I’ll be focusing on hitting the page mark on Robin Hobb’s The Ship of Magic. I will continue to pursue my goal of finishing by April 30, which gives around 51 daily pages. In celebration of tomorrow’s festivities, I’ll probably set the goal to read double duties, and just for the fun of it, throw a mini marathon with two simple goals, 12 hours of reading, for which the clock is already ticking, and 600 pages to close down some gaps.

Off to read.


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