(Y-11) keeps on growing

I would only like to take ths time to thank everyone who follows and likes this blog, the past few months has been a roller coaster, and fortunately it only has helped this project blossom.

Thank you for helping getting us to 200 likes.

Now back to relaxing with a cup of coffee and a Star Wars jigsaw puzzle.


(Y-11) Looking for new stories.

I have been going thru my Comixology account and I found several number one issues of all kind of series.

These are most commonly found on the free comic books section or in bundles.

So now I’m going to read some of them and determine if I’ll go and buy the next numbers.

To start, I’ll read the mega crossover event by Top Cow comics, Artifacts.

The Darkness and Witchblade are a couple of the characters involved in this story.

Let’s see how it plays out.

Off to read.


(Y-11) finally… a numbers update

The end of my semester in my Master’s Degree was pretty hectic, so I did not have time to properly update my list and see how my year of reading was faring.

So here are my numbers right down the minute.

  • Total pages for (Y-11) : 28,468 pages.
  • Pages to next milestone (30,000 pages): 1,532 pages.
  • Pages to the main goal of the year (53,000 pages): 24,532 pages.
  • Pages to the second-best year of reading (32,149 pages): 3,681 pages.
  • Pages to the best year of reading (47,705 pages):  19,237 pages.
  • Pages to 500,000 :  238,505 pages.

I had some major leaps, but I am still 40 days behind schedule, but there is no time like the present to amend that.

On the front of reaching the coveted 500,000 pages, I had some great progress, I was able to close the gap, minus 53 days, which gives me a new ending date of February 23, 2029.

Still, it is too far into the future, but slowly the gap closes, before my next update and recalculation, I hope to jump into 2028.

But for that, I need to read, so on that note, is back to reading.




(Y-11) for this evening’s reading and drinking.

I’ll try to chip off more time and pages before I succumb to sleep.

For this evening’s reading I will be starting with Doctor Voodoo and collection of tales from The Dark Crystal.

Also, I’ll go to work on Fire & Blood, right now the history has turned to Aegon The Dragon progeny, amazing stuff.

For the drinking, I’ll be trying a new variety of coffee from my favourite local roasters, Casa Cafetzin this particular one comes from the state of Chiapas, and it’s called Pantelhô.

Now back to reading.

(Y-11) Another milestone

This morning I finally could update my lists, and to my surprise was that another of my goals was meet.

My current total is 25,374 pages.

Now the next task is getting to 27,000 pages before my 38th birthday.

Which gives 20 days to get there.

Let the reading begin, well after I finish with my classes.


(Y-11) no time for reading

Right now I’m preparing to present my advances in my master thesis.

That means that for the next week I’ll be focusing on that.

But after this period, reading season officially begins.


(Y-11) Midpoint Day

I have arrived to the halfway of my year of reading.

And with 22,029 pages of total reading, I am almost on schedule to read my ultimate goal of 53,000 pages.

Today , I’ll celebrate my efforts with a couple of drinks and lots of reading.



(Y-11) January numbers

A quick update of my reading for January.

And yes I made a chart.

January 2019 Numbers

Those two spikes in my activity are the weekend of the 24in48 readathon, I wish that my head was I bit better, but there it is always the next one.

The positive thing is that I finished January on a high note, 161 pages for the last day of the month.

Right now, I’m beginning my journey thru the mesmerizing pages of one of my favorite comic book universe, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.

To start off, B.P.R.D.: The Plague of Frogs Vol.1

BPRD Vol 1

Off to read.


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