(Y-10) the second station to epicness

Right now I’m sitting on 118 pages.

As soon as the kids settle down I’ll switch gear and dedicate a couple of hours to Lord of the Rings and The Fall of Cthulhu.

I’ll reach the 300 page mark by midnight.

I’ll check in tomorrow morning to see what is in store for the day.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) first station to epicness

Well the first part of my crazy goal of reading is going well enough.

I started the seventh book of the Legend of Drizzt saga and read 60 pages so far.

I’ll keep at it for a little longer, probably reaching 100 before I get back to my lair.

In the afternoon, I have planned to ingest vast amounts of caffeine, been dying to try out my new coffee machine, try to finish The Lord of the Rings and finish the day with The Fall of Cthulhu graphic novel.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) epicness brewing

I have planned two days of pure epicness reading

My crazy plan is to read, or at least try, 1,000 pages in a two-day span, I know, fucking crazy.

I’ll probably post a couple of times each day to tell you about my progress.

Wish me luck.

On other matters, my bullet journal is coming along nicely.

Here are some new updates I have been working on.

Keeping daily progress, things have been a little red, but a sweeping block of blue is in the forecast.

These pages above is dubbed “the colossus of the wolf” in which, I keep track of the major goal of this year, reaching those 97,000 total pages.

I think if the goal is achieved, of course, a commemorative piece of art should be created, luckily I’m surrounded by really talented people.

And lastly, below you can see an example of my daily logs, I know a bit obsessive.


Now back to it, I have a couple of crazy long days ahead of me.

Happy Readings!!!



(Y-10) strange limbo

Well here I am, two weeks into the new year and not quite catching a good reading rithym.

A few things had change in the past weeks and let just say that my available reading will grow exponentially.

On a positive note, I just completed my Legend of Drizzt collection and are ready to dwell with the legendary drow.

For now I’ll pound away at Lord of the Rings and The Halfling’s Gem, hopefully I will be done with both of them by the weekend. Which, consequently, will be the perfect opportunity to announce by new plans for the future of Lost in a million pages.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) back to reality

After a few days of relaxing, eating and drinking is now back to the daily grind.

But first, let me go back a few days while I was still on vacation.

The last outing of this great trip was to the magical town of Tequila, Jalisco.

As the name obviously gives it away it is the birthplace of one of Mexico’s most emblematic spirit.

The visit consistent of a tour to one of the many tequila distillers, La Cofradia,  were you firstly get acquainted with the agave plant, the basis of it all, the cooking process, the fermentation, the aging process and of course lots of sampling, including, a 55 proof tequila, pure and strait.

After a couple of hours of strolling around this gorgeous place I went to the downtown area, keep on drinking and eating. Quite the magnificent day I’ll say.

Now back to the reading part, my plans for my vacation reading was not what I expect, but who cares it was really soothing.

I manage to finish two book of the Legend of Drizzt saga and read about 1/3 of the Fall of Cthulhu graphic novel.

So this gave me the following numbers:

Total pages for (Y-10) : 5.002 pages

Total pages left for (Y-10) : 91,764 pages

Total books left for (Y-10): 46 books

I’ll get back to reading and flirting with the idea of a 100 book year.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) exploring and reading ( pictures included)

As I predicted things have been moving at snail pace and I’m loving it.

In the morning, the usual ritual ensues, coffee and reading, then the day really starts, some have been totally relaxed and others have been filled with visits to cool places.

This past two days have been the latter version.

First I had finally the chance to visit Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento, this really cool neo-gothic church.

It’s building started on 1897 by the famous Italian architect Adamo Boari and wasn’t finish for another 75 years.

A rare style to be found in Mexico and an impressive building to visit.

From there we headed to one of our favorite spots in Guadalajara, Hospicio Cabañas, a cultural center which houses a series of impressive mural by the famous Mexican painter José Clemente Orozco.

I’ll let the murals do the talking.

More that impressive, these is a place you could sit for hours and take in every detail and still find yourself needing more time.

Also walking around the area in and around the Hospicio Cabañas you can find and all sort of cultural and historical things that baffle the mind.

On the second day we went to Lake Chapala, this massive body of water covers 420 square miles and is the largest fresh water lake in all of the country.

On the books front I’m pleased to inform that the first book, The Crystal Shard, in my reading plan for this vacations is under my belt and the second one is well underway.

Today I’ll take it easy, for tomorrow the magical town of Tequila awaits me, and I have a feeling that things are about to get blurry.

Happy Readings!!!