The, seemingly, impossible task

One of the tasks that was in my January goals was to finish the two books that were put on hold for my holiday reading marathon.

Both books, The Second Omnibus of The Adventures of Gotrek and Felix, and The Border Trilogy by Cormac McCarthy, are over 1,000 pages each, and with 3 days left on the month, I have to rally in order to hit one more of my goals, I have already surpass the monthly quota, but that’s information for tomorrow’s post.

So, today’s targets are as follows.

Quite the task for these upcoming days, but with a high reward at the end of it, I’m more than motivated to get things done.

Off to read


Today’s Target

In order to reach the ultimate goal of this project, one word should be the main axis of each and every day, Consistency.

Fortunately, and with the help of the Readmore app, this first month of 2023 has been showing some signs of what my reading is supposed to be.

Thanks to one of the feature of the app, I can set daily targets not only for the total pages for day, but also for each individual book, this gives clear daily goals in order to meet my self imposed deadline

For today’s reading, these are my goals.

The daily goal will always be the main focus, those 180 pages are the minimum required to crossed the 1,000,000 pages threshold by my 50th birthday.

Off to read.


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