Daily Journal: April 21, 2023

Today’s reading started kind of slow. I’ll say it again, if I don’t stick to my routine, my numbers start to dwindle, and to get any sort of rhythm back is nearly impossible. But worry not, there are a couple of very promising hours left in the day, the perfect way to finish any Friday night, spoken as the genuine geek that I am.

Although this slow start, the numbers for the week are looking pretty solid. The current total for week number 46 of the year is 1,183 pages, just 77 shy of the weekly quota. On the monthly reading front, as I posted some days ago, the quota has been achieved, and there’s the new goal of chipping away some of those pesky surplus pages from past weeks in order to balance out the final effort toward the ultimate goal of the year. As of now, I still have 1,777 pages left. It is not impossible but requires some extra effort.

To close today’s effort, I’ll try to read the two volumes left on my shelf of the manga series Berserk, To my disappointment, the next volume, number 20, hasn’t been reprinted, for now I’ll enjoy volumes 18 and 19, for volume number 17 was devoured last night before I went to bed.

I also started, or better said, resumed with Robin Hobb’s The Ship of Magic to keep things rolling and not neglect this amazing series, I put in place an incentive/badge plan to finish the book by April 30. There’s always room for some rewards in order to sweeten the already satisfaction that is to have the opportunity to get lost in different adventures each and every day.

Off to read.


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