A positive shift

This last few days I have been seeing a really positive shift in my reading.

I think that my new routine is finally paying off, this include exercise at least 30 minutes every day, because after a year of confinement I was started feeling really anxious.

Now my daily routine includes tending to the garden, experimenting on the kitchen, and lots of reading.

I hope to finish this year over the 20,000-page mark, and recharged to take on the final decade of reading.

This is highly motivated when I come across amazing things in my reading, this is the case of the series written by James Tynion IV, Justice League Dark, which has quickly become one of my favorites.

Yesterday I read the third volume, containing The Witching War, which to my surprise feature The Floronic Man, a constant antagonist of Swamp Thing, this book is really fun to read because it takes some DC comics obscure characters into the spotlight.

Off to read, and to keep the good reading rythm going.


The last leg of the Malazan journey

I tried really hard last night to finish Dust of Dreams, buy my old nemesis sleep got the best of me.

But one of the perks of having young children is that getting up late is rarely an option.

So around 6:45 a.m. with a cup of black coffee the size of a medium bucket, I started the final pages of the ninth volume, and for the looks of it, if anyone was left alive from the shit-storm from the last chapter, it will close out with a bang.

To finish off this massive series, I found that it was only fitting to read the last book in printed form, this particular book ( see the picture below) has been eagerly awaiting in my Bookshelf for about 10 years, it’s time has finally come.

To accompany this start of the final chapter, I’ll read in between session some new material from the Dark Knight, the newest issues of Death Metal, and the now classic Grant Morrison series of Batman & Robin.

Off to read.


3 hours and 41 minutes

3 hours and 41 minutes is, according to the calculation from my Kindle, what I have left to read on Dust of Dreams.

I am currently on page 709 of 816, and what better way to finish this spring vacation break that with the completion on this book, and start the week reading the last volume of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, The Crippled God.

My plan is to finish this last volume on time to start with a month-long marathon of Star Wars, starting it off on May the 4th and finishing on May 25, with the celebration of the 44th anniversary of the release of A New Hope.

That gives me 23 days to do so.

Off to read.


Solid effort

I am coming off a really good day of reading, 253 total pages.

I made some headway with Dust of Dreams, currently on page 642 of 816, hopefully, I’ll start with the tenth and final chapter of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, The Crippled God, by Monday at the latest, that would give me 55 days to finish it before the year of reading is over.

Also, I finished the amazing story of Gates of Gotham, and to be honest, being an architect, I’m a sucker for stories that focus on cities like characters, and the having a villain named The Architect, it just the cherry on top of the cake.

For today’s reading, I’ll start with the new series, at least in Mexico, of Dark Nights, Death Metal, as you can see I’m a sucker for anything and everything written by Scott Snyder.

The other comic book on deck for today is the next chapter of Jim Zub’s run with Conan the barbarian, I really liked the last story arc, so I’ll continue buying it in single issue format.

Busy, busy Thursday, if I’m not mistaken.

Off to read.


The final stretch

Today is the deadline for my spring vacation break reading goal.

As you can remember, the goal was to finish three books I was reading, from which I have already finish A Tolkien Miscellany and Anerican Gods, the third one, Dust of Dreams, is showing some resistence.

Currently I am on page 568 of 816, that means 247 pages left to read, and according to the calculation of my Kindle, there’s a little under 10 hours left of reading.

It’s quite the task, I think I’ll just jump into it, armed with good lighting, snacks, and caffeine. Hopefully I’ll come out the other side victorious.

As always I’ll throw into the mix some time to read graphic novels, just finish the amazing work by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy, The Wake, the artwork remains me so much to the work of the legendary Mike Mignola, just feel in love with it.

To continue with the great imagination of Mr. Snyder ,in collaboration with Kyle Higgins, next up is the mini series Batman: Gates of Gotham, expanding on the first day of Gotham City.

Off to read.


11 hours 18 minutes

My arch enemy sleep got the best of me, now, I still have, according to my Kindle, a bit over 11 hours left of reading on Dust Dreams.

Currently I am on page 522 of 816, the goal for this morning is to reach page 591, the beginning of the final section of the book, The Path Forever Walked.

Off to read.


13 hours 1 minute

As I approached this evening’s reading session there is a significant amount of pages between me, and my goal of finishing Dust of Dreams before Wednesday morning.

Currently, I am on page 474 of 816, a little over halfway through, for tonight’s reading my target page is 557, leaving 259 for Tuesday and the early morning of Wednesday, quite the gargantuan task, but fairly doable.

Off to read.


Two down, one to go

I just finished reading American Gods, and although it’s the fifth time, I always enjoy it a lot, and for the first time it was a Spanish version of the book.

It is actually the book I planned to read to reach the 1,000,000, as one of my rules dictates, I can read a book any number of times, as long as the edition is different.

For that very special occasion, I will read the first paperback edition that I bought and read in 2003, way before this project started in 2008.

Now there is only one book left to reach my designated challenge for the spring vacation break, Dust of Dreams.

I have 416 left, the rest of this lazy Sunday, and both Monday and Tuesday to reach that goal.

Off to read.


Halfway there

After a couple of great reading sessions, I have finally reached the halfway point of my latest mini goal, to finish reading my three current books.

As I posted on earlier entries, I still have two books left, Dust of Dreams, currently on page 305 of 816, and American Gods, currently on page 452 of 558.

That leaves me with 617 combined pages, and 4 days to do it.

After this task is completed, I decided to jump right into The Crippled God, the final volume of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, and thus finish one of the main focus of this year of reading.

I’ll close out the night with a couple of chapters from Dust of Dreams, and start the weekend with under 550 pages left.

Off to read.


On the right track

This past few days have been progressing quite nicely.

I’m currently working on two books, Dust of Dreams, on page 248 of 816, and American Gods, on page 385 of 558.

The plan remains the same, finish both of them by next Wednesday, that leaves me with 741 pages left to read, I started with 1,271 pages, this means that the halfway point is within reach, just some measly 106 pages , I’ll try to reach during this evening’s reading.

My focus will be Dust of Dreams, this latter chapters of The Malazan Book of the Fallen have proven to be really encompassing, and full of depth, and to not miss any subtleties demands a slower more focused approach to reading.

I think a couple of chapters will do the trick, and will send to the Dreaming quite satisfied.

Off to read.


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