Mid month report: May 2022

Things slow down a bit, judging by my performance on April, but I’m really determined to close-out the year full steam ahead.

So things go like this:

  • My total for May is 2,368 pages, about 43% of the total projected.
  • There are still 1,244 pages to get back to balance for the whole year
  • The goal for this Sunday’s reading is to get that last number into triple digits.
  • Consequently, the goal for next week, number 48 of the year, is to eliminate the surplus of pages completely

My intention is that for (W-49) to (W-52), I can sum up pages to lighten the load for the upcoming years.

Very ambitious days ahead of me.

Off to read.


On the verge

Right about now it’s a good time to take a deep breath, and remind myself to not let up the pace, the goal is within reach.

With only 24 days left on my reading, there’s some 4,312 pesky page between me and the very ambitious goal of 64,492 pages.

Consequently this is the first, hopefully not the last, year that my total has surpassed not only the 50,000-page mark, but also the next level, with a total of 60,630 pages, and more on the way.

To keep things rolling, I’m still deeply immersed in my Star Wars readathon, slated to finish on May 25. I suspect that there’s going to be a continuation of this marathon to start off year number 15.

I’ll look into acquiring the next volumes of the now non-canon series Legacy of the Force, from which, I’m reading the first entry, Betrayal.

Now to burn the midnight oil.

Off to read.


500,000-page watch: April 17,2022

I still have the crazy idea to reach my first half of the 1,000,000-page challenge by March 20, 2023. This means that I have 338 days to do so.

With the latest update my grand total stands at 404,306 pages, leaving me with 95,694 pages to reach this coveted part of my journey. With the recent success on my daily reading, there’s a real possibility to even get there sooner, leaving a little more time to go after the second half of my goal.

The daily average for getting there is 283, of which, I have surpassed in 8 of the last 9 days of reading. It’s quite the gargantuan task, and to be completely, my main concern is to amass the vast quantity of reading material to get it done.

On queue there’s 48,228 available, that’s doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many pages I have left to read, it represents around 10%, thankfully, there’s a lot of material available in my Kindle Unlimited membership.

Lots of things to cover to get pass the goal, but that’s part of what keeps it fun and fresh, testament to this is that I have been doing it for 1/3 of my life.

Off to read.


50-day trek

This is it, the final leg of my fourteen year of reading.

It has become a tradition for me to intensify my pace when the final days of each year loom over the horizon, and that moment starts right now. So you may ask, how things are shaping up? Well let me paint you a picture.

I have a total of 53,729 of the 64,942 pages of my goal. That leaves 11,213 left to read on this last 50 days, around 220 pages per day. My average right now is around 171 pages per day, so there’s some catching-up to do.

This will coincide with the other self-imposed challenge that has been lurking around for quite some time, read three times the weekly quota, which would be a total for each week of 3,738 pages, and a shiny badge at the end. The design for the badges are been development as we speak, and let me tell you, they are going to be magnificent.

I know that this task pretty doable, my total for this week is 2,185 pages, that’s 312 pages per day, and with maybe a couple of hundred pages more before the day ends, this is shaping up to be a successful outing.

I’ll try to get my first badge next week, and hopefully, with under 8,000 pages left, and a couple of reading marathons fast approaching, the goal will be met.

Off to read.


Spring vacation mode, or, some crazy-stupid goals

I haven’t decided if this next challenge is crazy or stupid, heck, maybe is both, the important part is that I’m definitely doing it.

For the passed few weeks, I have been toying with the idea of reading three times the total weekly page quota for three straight weeks, yeah, I like that kind of thing with numbers.

That means that each week, my total will need to be 3,738, and 11,214 total pages for the three-week expanse. The perfect timing to close-out really early the total projected for the year.

Each week will earn me a badge, more on that later, and the rules are simple, three straight weeks, if I don’t get there, the game restarts, and the badges go away.

This week is shaping-up really good, yesterday, I had a total of 361 pages, and today, my total, with a few hours of reading left, is 337 pages.

Just 3,040 pages left to earn my first badge.

Off to read


March reading report, and the 50,000-page milestone

I think, or at least I hope, that the results of the month of March are an indication of where my reading is going, not only for this dwindling year, but in the broader picture.

I finished with a total of 6,632 pages, that’s 1,114 pages over the projected total of 5,518 pages. This leaves 2,751 surplus pages from passed months, and 8,091 pages to get this year back in balance.

Now for the 50,000-page milestone, I must say that this one is really special, not only is the first time I pass this mark but it’s a benchmark for the upcoming 9 years of reading.

The honor of getting passed this very important milestone was the amazing graphic novel Snow Angels, created by two of my favorite creators, Jeff Lemire and Jock.

Hope is restored, and now to ho get those 64,000 pages.

Off to read.


Nifty little challenge

With the March page quota already cover, and for what I’m truly happy, the only thing left to close-out this month as a complete success is the matter of around 16 hours left on the clock.

That means around 6 hours for each day left of the Month, I have been faced with bigger challenges.

Off to read.


A day as a Hobbit

Yesterday was Tolkien Reading Day. I set out to do two things, try to read Children of Húrin in its entirety, and try an eat all six Hobbit meals.

As we lack extensive and mystical Forests, I live in the desert, the next best thing was to go to the urban park right in the middle of the city.

The reading went pretty well, read around 250 pages of the 320. The meals where a whole success. Here are the photos of all of them.

Dinner & Supper was the most amazing part of the day, firstly because I got to eat and drink some artisanal beer in a new place called Artística Brewing Co., and most importantly ,I was joined by my lovely wife to end the festivities right.

Today my plan is to finish the Children of Húrin, probably the last book of The Farseer Trilogy, and be 200 pages shy of the 50,000-page mark for the year. If those two books go down, I’ll reach the 400,000-page and start to work toward the first half of this lengthy challenge.

Off to read.


One more day before the plunge

I´m more than excited for tomorrows festivities. It’s going to be a Tolkien Reading Day to remember, and hopefully it will become a yearly tradition of reading and eating like a Hobbit.

I don’t an specific plan, but, the two things that are a most are: reading The Children of Húrin in its entirety, and indulging in the six meals of the Hobbits custom, which are, according to the books, Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevenses, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, and Dinner, this last is going to be special, there´s a plan with my lovely wife of food and pints worthy of the Green Dragon.

Now the impossible for today is to finish the last book of the Farseer Trilogy, currently on page 672 of 829, and to start off tomorrow with a fresh slate, let’s see how the day plays out.

Off to read.


And coming in first place

Finally!!! I did it, year fourteen is now officially my best year of reading, and with 79 days left on it, the future is bright.

My current total is 47,765, surpassing year number one by only 59 pages. I have special thanks to give to two amazing stories, the first volume of the Manga series Vindland Saga by Makoto Yukimura, and the third volume of Wasteland by Anthony Johnston, a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi Western with mutants and all the good stuff, plus, the covers are made by the fantastic Ben Templesmith.

For this upcoming days, I´ll be working on a couple of goals, the obvious one, which I have been dragging on for the couple of weeks, the 50,000-page milestone for this year, but more importantly, there´s only 1,658 pages left to reach 400,000 total pages. Both goals are the driving force for this week.

Off to read.


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