Perpetual motion, or, how to read 9,000 pages in 26 days

The end is nigh

Not in an apocalyptic way, but at least for my fifteen year of reading, the clock is ticking away, and let me tell you, I’m not even close to where my total should be. Of course, this gives me purpose.

The pressing number for the last 26 days of my reading year is 9,125 pages. This magical number comes from one of my many projections. With that gargantuan number, I’ll balance out this year’s reading, offsetting the enormous amount of surplus pages that have stacked up over the years, more than 200,000 pages in all.

With a little over 8 years to get to the coveted 1,000,000-page mark, I’m looking for at least 65,000 pages for each of the remaining years. This makes any extra pages a necessity to come out victorious and finish the last sentence of the last book, sitting in a beautiful space surrounded by books, with a light drizzle making beautiful and calming music.

But as always, there’s an immediate task to tackle in order to savor the final result right now it’s to read around 350 daily pages from today until my 42th birthday.

Off to read.



I’ll keep you posted with the return of my Daily Journal entries.

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