A fantastical literary podcast, or, my new collaboration

As I mentioned before, at the beginning of this year a much-anticipated collaboration with our friend over in lo que leemos was finally taking shape. Today I’m glad to inform you that our first episode of the podcast “Estrellas y Dragones” is now available to stream on several platforms, and the video of our conversation is also available thru the YouTube channel of our shared project.

Below you can find the links to the YouTube channel and Spotify.

Estrellas y Dragones on Youtube

Our first episode was about the first omnibus of the adventures of famous heroes of the Warhammer Fantasy universe Gotrek and Felix. We hope to be producing at least one episode per month, in which, we will cover our joint reads of anything and everything surrounding two of our favorites genre, fantasy and science fiction, with the occasional horror novel, just to spice things up.

For now, I´m off to read.


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