Estrellas y Dragones, Episode 3: Nightflyers by George R.R Martin

The latest episode of the podcast Estrellas y Dragones, in which, I colaborate with my dear friend Dred from the blog Lo que leemos , has just dropped.

We discussed the 1980 novella Nightflyers by famous author George R.R. Martin. This particular work was nominated for a Hugo and won the Locus Award for best novella in 1981. The author, better known for his epic fantasy Saga of A Song of Fire and Ice, gives us an enthralling science fiction horror story that is equal parts Aliens and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Be sure to check out the episode on Spotify. The link is above, or in any platform, that you get your podcasts. Or if you prefer to see the video version of it, you can catch us on YouTube.

Off to read.


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