(Y-11) Getting closer

With only a few days left to the 24in48 readathon, I still think what to read.

But primarily, my focus should be on finishing Deadhouse Gates, currently on page 545.

So I’ll take a brief moment to get you up to speed of my recent progress.

My total for yesterdays reading was 50 pages, and I managed to finish the first volume of Green Lanterns: Rage Planet, part of the DC Comics Universe Rebirth, and featuring one of the best villains in recent Green Lantern history, Atrocitus.

Here you can delight in one of the covers.

And here is the infographic sheet generated with Bookly.

The next graphic novel on my queue is Batman: Earth One, which I think will be amazing because of the team-up of two legends, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Back to it, and hopefully tomorrow I can post an update on my numbers for the year.


(Y-11) Another great day of reading (Day 9 of 31)

Yesterday was another great one.

The total, although not the 300 pages I was expecting, was over the minimum average for the day, and honestly, 200 pages are no easy thing to achieve.

The other important thing to mention is that I surpassed the 4,000-page mark.

4,318 to be precise.

This is shaping up to be one great season for my reading.

Today’s plan is pretty straightforward, try to advance with Gardens of, the Moon, currently on page 361 of 627

Read the last number of the fantastic Batman: White Knight.


And read some of the last manga I have of The Legend of Zelda, The Four Swords.


Again I am aiming for a 300 page-day, but with a clear purpose of clearing the minimum average for the day and of course have as much fun as possible.

Well now back to reading until it is time to go in and see Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald, yeah I know it has been showing for a while, but I haven’t had the time to go an see it,

Let’s see how it holds up.

Happy Readings!!!



(Y-11)Breathing a little easier

Just finishing with my work for the semester at my Master’s Degree and I can breathe a little bit easier.

I’ll take a few days to unwind and read a little bit.

I have plans to reach 3,000 pages by tomorrow.

So now let’s see how my numbers are.

  • Total pages for (Y-11) : 2,664 pages.
  • Pages to go to achieve first milestone (10,000 pages): 7,336 pages.
  • Pages to go to achieve the main goal of the year (53,000 pages): 50,336 pages.
  • Pages to go to be the second-best year of reading (32,001 pages): 29,337 pages.
  • Pages to go to be the best year of reading (47,705 pages): 45,041 pages.

I have some work to do, but in order to achieve this, I have some things line up.

Firstly, I will try to finish the first volume of the graphic adaption of my favorite novel, American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Secondly, the seventh issue of the fantastic series Batman: White Knight by writer/artist Sean Murphy.

And finally, the first issues of the expanded Sandman Universe series, this time is the turn of The Books of Magic and Lucifer, it is always exciting to dive into this massive universe that made me fall in love with comic books.

And in between all of this, I’ll try to make some headway with The Gardens of the Moon, got to keep the epicness blowing.

I know, lots of reading, but finally a little time to read.

Back to it.


(Y-11) I need a break.

Right now I am on the final stretch of my first semester of my masters degree.

And to define it as hectic it would be an understatement.

So, I will take a little break, pour myself some coffee and read the sixth issue of Batman: White Knight.

Let’s cast away some bad spirits.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) First 1,000 pages

I am glad to say that the first mini milestone of this year of reading has been reached.

That is reading 1,000 pages.

This is the first breath I take before the big plunge.

For me, getting over this first mark in the first two weeks of the year is monumental.

It motivates me, and it ignites my internal fire.

Now, let me tell you really quick how I got to this numbers.

First, I read a quick story-arc involving The Flash and Batman, The Button, as a prelude to the event The Doomsday Clock, it gets its hook into you, in my case, an overwhelming curiosity in where are they going with this.

Secondly, I read the first issue of the new Batman series, The White Knight, beautifully executed by the great Sean Murphy, love the murky artwork and storyline.


And lastly, I finished the third volume of Red Sonja by master storyteller Gail Simone, in my personal opinion one of the best interpretations of the She-Devil with a Sword.


I’ll stay off graphic novels to start my Monster Mash reading with a fresh book.

So, my focus for this two days will be the books on the deck and set the stage for Hellboy in Hell to kick off the festivities.

Now let’s talk numbers:

  • Total pages for (Y-11) : 1,026 pages.
  • Pages to go to achieve first milestone (10,000 pages): 8,974 pages.
  • Pages to go to achieve the main goal of the year (53,000 pages): 51,974 pages.
  • Pages to go to be the second-best year of reading (32,001 pages): 30,975 pages.
  • Pages to go to be the best year of reading (47,705 pages): 46,679 pages.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) 74 days…a tiny burst

Had a good day of reading, I reached page 539 of The Name of the Wind, a 79 page progress and the day is not over yet.

Right now I am on sleep duty and my youngest is not showing any signs of giving in.

So, in the meantime, I’ll try to make some headway with the second volume of All-Star Batman, with the extraordinary art of Jock.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) 75 days…slow progress

I will close out my day with a double espresso, some pecan ice cream, and a plan to reach page 500 of The Name of the Wind, currently on page 460.

Today was a typical one, as far as progress is concerned, I read the last three comic books I had left of DC Comics Dark Nights and will have to wait until the rest come out.

This is because I am reading them in Spanish and are coming out on a weekly basis, there are about four left to close out the series.

I guess I’ll read something else until the rest come out, and of course make some headway with my book.

Happy Readings!!!



I plan to have a couple of Caffeine Pilgrimage entries for next week, including a new spot recently recommended.

So, stay tuned for that.

(Y-10) The 100 day march and the accidental 400 page day.

So it begins, the final one hundred days of this year of reading are upon us, and with that my panic mode sets in automatically.

The only difference for this year is that I feel confident of my current pace and, at least one of my immediate goal is within reach.

As you can tell by this entry’s name I had a happy accident yesterday, my page total was of 426 for the day, I believe that if this was mapped out and thoroughly planned it would have failed miserably.

This grand total was spearheaded by two remarkable graphic novels, Lee Bermejo’s Batman: Noel and the always fantastic Saga, this time was the eight-volume of this award-winning book, written by the powerhouse author Brian K. Vaughan.

This gives me a giant boost and a clear pathway to reach some of the goals and regroup for the upcoming years.

With this burst of reading my total for the year went up to 19,671 total pages, only 329 pages for the first goal and 14,063 pages for the minimal total I intend to have my October.

As the clock winds down on this year, I will try to complete something that past years have somehow eluded me, to write at least one daily post of this last effort to close out the year on a high note.

For today I will attempt to replicate yesterday’s success, but today I will explore a galaxy far, far away in the company of a couple of Scoundrels and a Lord of the Sith, this also of course with a few outings thru the perilous paths of the Forgotten Realms accompanied by rogue Drow Drizzt Do’Urden.


If everything goes as planned, tomorrow a celebratory pizza and wine will be a top priority and a quick and rambling post to spread some of my joy.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-10) closer and closer

Every day I inch closer to my 20,000-page goal.

So, I start the third day of this month with a total of 19,221 pages, just 779 pages to reach one of the high peaks of this year of reading.

Although my original goal coming into this year was 96,766 pages, a monumental task, I have become content with the idea of at least reading the total page count of the last two years combined, that is 33,734 total pages.

And that has become my immediate goal, but of course, I am shooting for at least in the 40,000-page realm, and how you may ask I will achieve this, well by reading of course.

These past three days have been quite productive, I finished a bunch of Batman: Detective Comics single issues and the second volume compiling the story arc of The Syndicate of Victims of this same title, these are of the new DC Comics storyline Rebirth, a significant reboot of all their main characters.

I should add that officially Batwoman is becoming one of my favorites characters of the Batman family, she is a total badass.



The next batch of comics on my to-read pile is, from the same reboot of The Batman, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, I have the two first story arcs, missed in some single issues and a trade paperback.

I am working slowly back to catch-up with the latest story timeline of DC Comics.

I expect to be really close to my 20,000-page goal by this weekend, all of this I considered it a dress rehearsal for the kick-ass readathon coming up shortly.

Getting into reading shape, now, back to it.


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