The final stretch

Today is the deadline for my spring vacation break reading goal.

As you can remember, the goal was to finish three books I was reading, from which I have already finish A Tolkien Miscellany and Anerican Gods, the third one, Dust of Dreams, is showing some resistence.

Currently I am on page 568 of 816, that means 247 pages left to read, and according to the calculation of my Kindle, there’s a little under 10 hours left of reading.

It’s quite the task, I think I’ll just jump into it, armed with good lighting, snacks, and caffeine. Hopefully I’ll come out the other side victorious.

As always I’ll throw into the mix some time to read graphic novels, just finish the amazing work by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy, The Wake, the artwork remains me so much to the work of the legendary Mike Mignola, just feel in love with it.

To continue with the great imagination of Mr. Snyder ,in collaboration with Kyle Higgins, next up is the mini series Batman: Gates of Gotham, expanding on the first day of Gotham City.

Off to read.


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