Fades to black

I came to the realization that a hiatus is well overdue.

I’ll keep on reading.

I will be back pretty soon.


Daily Journal: April 23, 2023

I had grand plans for today, being World Book Club, one of the most important celebrations for us book lovers. Although not all what I envisioned for today’s festivities came to be, it was a very productive and fun day.

I still have around 8 pages left on my self-imposed daily quota. This is to finish by the end of April with the magnificent book The Ship of Magic, written by incomparable Robin Hobb. I must confess that there’s was a certain struggle at the beginning of reading to catch the flow of the book, but once the story progressed, it hooks you in.

The progress for today could have been a lot better, right now by total for the day is 336 pages, giving me 1,739 total pages for week number 46 of this year of reading. The optimum outcome for this week would have been finishing with a total of 2,058 pages, an extra 319 pages from where I stand right now, but there’s always another opportunity with the upcoming week.

The month of April, with the calendar pages rapidly falling, leaving a little less than a week to go, has a total of 7,239 pages, leaving me 1,221 pages to read in 6 days. As I said before, these extra pages are with the intention of giving me a fighting chance to reach the coveted 64,000-page mark in the end of the year, considering that after April finishes, I have only 37 days before the finish line.

Tomorrow, I’ll tally all that is missing in my digital log, and probably, if the day’s isn’t a smorgasbord of activities, I will post a “Numbers” entry, that is way overdue.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: April 22, 2023

Just a quick one,so I can get back to reading. The good news is that this week’s quota has already been fulfilled, and then some. My total sits at 1,376, which is 116 extra pages, with one more day and a special day that I have in-store tomorrow, but more on that later.

My total for April is now 6,876. There’s still 1,584 pages left on my secondary objective. It will seem that 9 days to get that vast amount of reading done as an impossible task, but judging by my recent reading rhythm, this will be a cake walk.

To close out the day, I’ll be focusing on hitting the page mark on Robin Hobb’s The Ship of Magic. I will continue to pursue my goal of finishing by April 30, which gives around 51 daily pages. In celebration of tomorrow’s festivities, I’ll probably set the goal to read double duties, and just for the fun of it, throw a mini marathon with two simple goals, 12 hours of reading, for which the clock is already ticking, and 600 pages to close down some gaps.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: April 21, 2023

Today’s reading started kind of slow. I’ll say it again, if I don’t stick to my routine, my numbers start to dwindle, and to get any sort of rhythm back is nearly impossible. But worry not, there are a couple of very promising hours left in the day, the perfect way to finish any Friday night, spoken as the genuine geek that I am.

Although this slow start, the numbers for the week are looking pretty solid. The current total for week number 46 of the year is 1,183 pages, just 77 shy of the weekly quota. On the monthly reading front, as I posted some days ago, the quota has been achieved, and there’s the new goal of chipping away some of those pesky surplus pages from past weeks in order to balance out the final effort toward the ultimate goal of the year. As of now, I still have 1,777 pages left. It is not impossible but requires some extra effort.

To close today’s effort, I’ll try to read the two volumes left on my shelf of the manga series Berserk, To my disappointment, the next volume, number 20, hasn’t been reprinted, for now I’ll enjoy volumes 18 and 19, for volume number 17 was devoured last night before I went to bed.

I also started, or better said, resumed with Robin Hobb’s The Ship of Magic to keep things rolling and not neglect this amazing series, I put in place an incentive/badge plan to finish the book by April 30. There’s always room for some rewards in order to sweeten the already satisfaction that is to have the opportunity to get lost in different adventures each and every day.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: April 20, 2023

Yesterday’s reading hit the perfect mark, not as rambunctious as the day before, but 234 total pages are the perfect result for a busy weekday. Coming into the 4th day of the week, my goal for the week is still well within reach, 396 pages in what’s left off today, and the whole weekend, a walk in the park.

The other two pending goals are a different story. To balance out the past weeks surplus pages, I still have 1,194, a bit more challenging than the simple week quota. Now, for the whole monthly quota, there’s still 2,096 pages left, a bit more manageable, but still quite the gargantuan task to undertake in the 10 days left on the month.

As always, I have my contingency plan all work out for today’s last session in the company of volume seventeen of the Manga series Berserk, I’m coming to the last consecutive number of the series, there’s the issue of not finding a reprint of volume twenty, so sadly there’s only three more volumes before I’ll have to shelf it until that coveted number is reprinted, let’s hope it wouldn’t be another two years of waiting.

But instead of focusing on the bad, I’ll redirect my attention. Once volumes 17, 18, and 19 of Berserk are on my read column to continue the long trek thru the fifty volumes of Fairy Tail, currently on volume 12. Let’s see what misadventures our heroes from these particular wizard guild get into.

The one part that has been neglected enormously is my progress with my current book, The Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb. I’ll work it to integrate more reading sessions exclusively to get some rhythm going. I’m still on the fence about what to read next, maybe continue with the two other books from Robin Hobb’s Trilogy, or jump into A.P. Beswick’s Levanthria Series.

Let’s see how things play out.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: April 19,2023

Yesterday’s reading came to show me that if I stick to my routine, only good things can come out of it, case in point, my total was a whopping 524 pages, this with a work packed day.

I’m following the same dynamic every day. After doing my morning tasks, I pour myself a cup of coffee and try to read for at least 15 minutes, aiming to get to 30 minutes. After this, I get ready to head out and tackle the day’s schedule. If there’s no meetings, I try to squeeze in a couple of 15-minute sessions every couple of hours of intense work.

The only variation this week is that I have been having lunch by myself, the perfect opportunity to make some progress on whatever there’s on queue from the never-ending reading list, trying to do so on my tablet or kindle, there’s no point risking a perfect printed book to the trials of my sloppy eating. Better save than sorry.

As you can tell by the time that I sit down and post my daily entry, I’m getting ready to hit the hay, the perfect time to get one more reading session under my belt and finish the day with some pages on the read column.

For today’s final session, I’ll start with volume sixteen of the manga series Berserk, the last volume finish on a cliffhanger evolving some really freaky looking elves.

And if my stamina holds out for a little while longer, I’ll jump into the second volume of the series Batman Eternal, written by two superstar creators, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. The first volume was incredibly good, and I just can wait for the follow-up, the way it finishes, not to spoil anything, but the two villains teased at the end, pure genius.

My goals for the days ahead of me are to chip away at least 1,000 from the extra assignment for the month of April, thus getting way past the mark of this week’s quota, and contribute some positive pages, around 420, to the how diminish surplus pages from past weeks.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: April 18, 2023

The wait to restart the story of Guts in the amazing manga series Berserk was well worth the wait. Last night, I finished reading volume 14, and for tonight’s session, I’ll continue with number 15 to close out the day in style.

I have high hope for my progress in these upcoming weeks, I have returned to my routine, finding little nooks and crannies in order to squeeze in short but effective sessions, so far so good. The testament of this is that I have a total for the month of April of 5,789 pages with a goal of reading an extra 2,671 pages to level the playing field for the final 37 days of this year’s journey.

It’s not an easy task, considering that there’s about 8,000 pages left on my minimal goal for the year and around 15,000 pages to match last year’s extraordinary results. To get to the big goals, I have to take little steps toward it, for this week, is represented by, firstly by another 971 pages, and then by 798 additional pages. Not so few steps, but compared to the behemoth task of 15,000 pages, those immediate goals look like a walk in the park.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: April 17, 2023

Although this day hasn’t been a really productive one for my reading, I’ll sit count it as a very satisfying one. This is because after a couple of years, I finally got on my hands o e of the most coveted, at least for me, volumes of my favorite manga series, Berserk.

It was really challenging to find it after countless trips to the specialty store of the publisher that prints it in Spanish, Panini Group, and two attempts on the online store to buy it, one of these attempts was with finally paying for it, excepting to find it on the shipping box, only to be disappointed with its absence and getting my money back but no Manga, but finally, volume number 14 is my collection and I’m read it right after I finish this post.

It arrived just at the nick of time, with six more volumes sitting waiting for their missing brother to join them. It’s the perfect addition to my reading queue for the final stretch of the year. Tallying about 1,200 between them and their addictive pace, it’s just the kind of boost I was longing.

To start off things for week number 46 of the year, new challenges arise. To begin with the 4,340 surplus pages from past weeks, which decreased by 172 pages from last week. This is closely followed by the 2,935 extra pages to the April quota. The addition of this new reading material will surely spark a new flame on the dwindling year.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: April 16, 2023

A quick one to get back to reading. Although both my weekly and monthly quota were achieved, I will always strive to get a little bit more out of each day.

My current total for the week is 1,411, I’ll probably try to get to 1,500 before the day is done. On the month’s total, well, that’s another complete story. In order to keep my hopes alive of reaching the 64,000-page mark, I will have to read an extra number of pages each of the remaining months.

For the month of April, I will have read an extra 2,981 pages to close up the gap and focus on May and June to drive this year across the finishing line. If everything thing falls into place, there will be around 12,000 pages left for the last 37 days of my reading year.

With those astronomical numbers in mind, I guess I should get back to it and squeeze in every single moment possible to keep things rolling. As a side note, I can now confirm that this year is officially over the 50,000-page threshold, and the celebratory drinks will have to wait.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: April 15, 2023

With just a few hours left on the halfway day of the month of April, there’s just 89 pages between me and achieving what I have been talking about these last few days. This is the task that I will be focusing.

As an added bonus, and with completing the aforementioned task, the weekly quota will also be completed, making Sunday’s reading extra pages to counteract the pesky surplus pages from past weeks. It’s rare that these two events coincide. I’ll take it as a good omen.

Yesterday , I was pretty sure that as I tallied the latest graphic novel to my digital log, Ghost Rider Masterworks Volume 1, my total for the year was going to finally be over the next milestone, 50,000 pages. Much to my surprise and a bit of a cosmic joke, my total stayed at 49,999 pages. Today, I can say with certainty that finally, that coveted total had been reached, as I finished The Book of Lost Tales about 15 minutes ago, and with a total of 297 pages to log into the read column, there’s no doubt that celebratory drinks are in order.

Now, my focus on the book department will shift to Robin Hobb’s Ship of Magic, which I have neglected a bit. The next series I’ll be tackling is a mystery, even to me. I’m not sure to continue with the next two volumes that follow in the Liveship Traders Trilogy or start with another series that is making me googly eyes.

I have about 500 pages to think it over.

Off to read.


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