Daily Journal: April 16, 2023

A quick one to get back to reading. Although both my weekly and monthly quota were achieved, I will always strive to get a little bit more out of each day.

My current total for the week is 1,411, I’ll probably try to get to 1,500 before the day is done. On the month’s total, well, that’s another complete story. In order to keep my hopes alive of reaching the 64,000-page mark, I will have to read an extra number of pages each of the remaining months.

For the month of April, I will have read an extra 2,981 pages to close up the gap and focus on May and June to drive this year across the finishing line. If everything thing falls into place, there will be around 12,000 pages left for the last 37 days of my reading year.

With those astronomical numbers in mind, I guess I should get back to it and squeeze in every single moment possible to keep things rolling. As a side note, I can now confirm that this year is officially over the 50,000-page threshold, and the celebratory drinks will have to wait.

Off to read.


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