Daily Journal: April 15, 2023

With just a few hours left on the halfway day of the month of April, there’s just 89 pages between me and achieving what I have been talking about these last few days. This is the task that I will be focusing.

As an added bonus, and with completing the aforementioned task, the weekly quota will also be completed, making Sunday’s reading extra pages to counteract the pesky surplus pages from past weeks. It’s rare that these two events coincide. I’ll take it as a good omen.

Yesterday , I was pretty sure that as I tallied the latest graphic novel to my digital log, Ghost Rider Masterworks Volume 1, my total for the year was going to finally be over the next milestone, 50,000 pages. Much to my surprise and a bit of a cosmic joke, my total stayed at 49,999 pages. Today, I can say with certainty that finally, that coveted total had been reached, as I finished The Book of Lost Tales about 15 minutes ago, and with a total of 297 pages to log into the read column, there’s no doubt that celebratory drinks are in order.

Now, my focus on the book department will shift to Robin Hobb’s Ship of Magic, which I have neglected a bit. The next series I’ll be tackling is a mystery, even to me. I’m not sure to continue with the next two volumes that follow in the Liveship Traders Trilogy or start with another series that is making me googly eyes.

I have about 500 pages to think it over.

Off to read.


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