Balancing act, part seven

This weekend’s readathon didn’t yield the outcome I hoped for, this of course entirely my fault.

I read for about 5 hours, and only 300 pages, not what I was hoping for.

But that’s a missed opportunity, one ot will not happen again, as I check the numbers left for this year of reading,I find the window is closing to achieve my goal, and leave the next 10 year of my project as I predicted.

This gives me a pathway, and motivation, to reach those goals, starting of with my balancing act for February, from which, I still have 6,545 pages to go.

This with the endgame of reading the 37,984 that make up this year’s goal, from which I still have 22,733 pages to go, and about 119 days to do so.

As all the times I feel discouraged, or overwhelmed by my task, I ask for assistance to some of my favorite characters, and authors.

This is the bounty to help me along the way.

Let’s get to it.


Balancing act, part six

I finished the month of January not quite the way I would have liked.

My total was 4,005 for the whole month, from the 6,505 projected to achieve some balance on my year of reading.

So I am back on the drawing board, and the strategy will be pretty much the same, to read my ass off.

The new number to achieve balance for the month of February will be 7,272 pages, that for a short month is quite the challenge, but as always, I am up for it.

For what concerns my total numbers for this year, number thirteen of this project, I am pleased with my progress, my total page count is 12,918, and with 126 days left on this transitional and short year, I am confident I’ll rise up to the challenges left.

My focus is on two impending issues, first, reaching my next milestone, 15,000 pages, from which I am 2,802 pages away from, and the second is to cut the days behind my reading schedule, 37, to at least half that by the end of February.

For the ultimate goal, reading 1,000,000 pages, I would wish for better news, but right now, according to my projections, the date of reaching that goal is April 4, 2045, fourteen years later from my 50th birthday, that would mean I would be 63 years, 9 months, and 30 days old.

As always I am working on getting those numbers down, quite successfully I might add, and will continue to o so.

For now, I am off to read, and scheme.


Numbers: December 16, 2020

With just a few days left before my week long readathon, I still have a lot of things I would like to achieve before it starts.

The main one is to finish with book seven of The Malazan book of the Fallen, Reaper’s Gale.

I just passed the halfway point, currently on page 512 of 1003, and this will be my focus for this remaining days.

On my epic December plan to read more than 8,000 pages on the month, I am progressing as the Fellowship of the Ring thru the Pass of Caradhras, really slow and cold, minus the snow, I still have 7,793 pages to go.

This only gets me more hyped up for the upcoming intense week of reading.

On the broader picture for this year of reading I still have 30,714 pages to reach my goal, this task over 172 days left.

Right now I am reading the third volume of the comic book series Queen Sonja .

For now, I am off to read.


Numbers: 28 of November,2020

I haven’t updated my numbers in a while, and let me tell you, it is not very promising.

My total for this year is 3,898 of the 37,984 pages of my goal.

I am fully aware that my mind is preoccupied with another pressing matters but also this is a very short year of reading, so I have to make every little moment count.

Right now I am 24 days behind schedule, but December will be an intensive month of reading , and hopefully; I’ll get back on track.

On the broader picture, I have a total of 329,441 pages, and according to my calculations my 1,000,000 pages goal is 9,025 days away, that will mean that I’m 5,184 days behind schedule.

Should I keep this pace up, I would be 64 years, 2 months, and 9 days old when my coveted goal is reach, only 14 years late.

Well I am not having it, slowly but steady, those days will be reduced.

For now, I am off to read.


Numbers: 8 days

Tomorrow starts the final week of my twelve year of reading, and I am still determined to make it my best one yet.

I’ll have to take upon the mentality of Aaron Rodgers, and make that hail mary pass with the clock winding down, yeah, that’s a football reference, please excuse me, but it is Sunday.

Right now I have a total of 44,843 of total registered pages, you can see what I mean with registered pages right here, that gives me roughly 2,863 pages left to read in this upcoming week.

For now, I’ll focus on finishing the two books left on the trilogy of Companions Codex, which follows the adventure of the legendary Drow Drizzt Do’Urden, and from which I am about to reach the halfway point of Rise of the King.

Also, I’ll try make some headway on my list to celebrate Spooktober, you can see my complete list of Graphic Novels and Movies in this post.

For now, I am off to read.


Numbers: 11 days

I had a good day of reading, my total was 112 of the 272 pages that was my goal for yesterday.

I read Hit-Girl in Hollywood, and a few pages of Rise of the King.

I still have 3,152 pages to go, my goal for today is 287 pages.

Today’s reading will be focus on my adventure with Drizzt Do’Urden, and a new volume of the Justice League, Doom War.

For now, I am off to read.


Numbers: 12 days

Yesterday was an amazing day of reading.

I finish the last issue of Batman: Curse of the White Knight, written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, these, with an epic showdown between Batman and Azrael.

Also, I read the first volume of Tom King’s Batman: City of Bane, and I am really eager to see the next chapter

My total was 207 of the 267 pages that was my goal.

There are still 3,264 pages in front of me, and my goal for today is 272 pages.

I’ll keep on pounding on Rise of the King, it’s always a treat reading stories of Drizzt Do’Urden, and I’ll read the latest installment of Hit Girl’s solo series, this time in Hollywood.

For now, I am off to read.


Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf, Batman: Ciudad de Bane Parte 1

Tom King’s run Batman has been exceptional, and this volume is no different.

While Batman and Catwoman prepare on a sandy paradise to take on Bane, my personal favorite villain of Batman,he wreaks havoc on Gotham by subjugating the deadliest villains to his service.

Also, he has two unlikely allies, Hugo Strange as the police commissioner, and Thomas Wayne, The Batman from Flashpoint.

The only line of defense left is Robin, now wearing the cape of the Boy-Wonder is Damian Wayne, who is desperate for this father’s return.

The artwork by Tony S. Daniel never fails to amaze, and with the addition of Clay Mann and Mikel Janin in drawing duties, Bats and the Cat just pop out of the page.

I can wait to read the next part of this amazing storyline that has been building for quite a while.

Now ,off I go, to look for my next adventure.


Numbers: 13 days

Lucky day 13 in my countdown to the end of this year of reading.

Yesterday I read a total of 75 of the 253 pages that I had as a goal.

That leaves me with 3,471 to reach the final goal of the year.

For today, I plan to read some new single issues and a Batman graphic novel from my TBR pile.

Hopefully,I’ll hit my goal for today, 267 pages.

For now, I am off to read.


Azriel’s Infinite Bookshelf, Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Batman, consequently he is not my favorite DC comics character, that spot is held by Swamp Thing, but on a monthly basis Batman is responsible for a big chunk of my total pages.

On this occasion this volume is a compilation of Batman stories with some sort of supernatural twist.

All the stories are written by Peter Milligan, an along for the ride there are some legendary illustrators like Jim Aparo, Kieron Dwyer, and Tom Mandrake, just to name a few.

The title name of this collection, Dark Knight , Dark City, it’s a three part storyline of Batman chasing after the Riddler as he tries to summon a dark and powerful figure.

I can remember these three single issues, Batman #452 to #454, very vividly from my days working on a comic book shop, yes I had my dream job in my 20’s, I was drawn by Mike Mignola’s dark and beautiful play with color and Shadows.

The other astounding story is Golem, a two part storyline where Batman tracks down a mysterious figure who is taking care of a particular group of evil doers.

In all, with the exception of some minor problems with the edition and translation, this volume is a must for all Batman fans.

Now ,off I go, to look for my next adventure.


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