Daily Journal: February 28, 2023

Today, besides being a crazy hectic day, was what I call a regrouping day. There wasn’t a moment to spare, not even a little nook of time to get some reading done.

Still, I’m determined not to have another blank day so close to another. In fact, that’s one of the things that have become one of the main goals for the upcoming months. Let’s say 490 days with at least 50 pages of reading.

Tonight, my companion before I succumbed to sleep will be the sixth volume of the Manga Series, Spy X Family, and if I’m lucky enough, a few pages from the majestic Cities of the Plains by Cormac Mccarthy.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: February 27, 2023

Today marks the beginning of the 100-day march, or to put it in another way, the last stretch of my year of reading.

It is going to be a challenging trek, having 27,722 pages left to reach the projected total for this year, but I’m getting ahead of myself. As always, the mantra must prevail: “one page at a time”

The task for what is left of today and tomorrow is quite simple, try to knock off some of the 1,537 pages left for this waning month’s quota because come March, my approach for tackling these seemly impossible goal will become far more aggressive.

For now, I am off to read.


Daily Journal: February 26, 2023

As I posted earlier in the day, the main focus of these last three days of February will be to get the monthly quota done and to get things rolling toward the right path, I must first reach this week’s total.

As of right now, I still have 273 pages to go, and about 2 hours to do so. On the bigger picture, there’s still 1,663 pages left for the month of February, I’ll pull the big guns and try to finish Spy X Family Vol. 6. See if I can read a little from Cormac Mccarthy’s The Border Trilogy and throw a few pages from Dr. Stone Vol. 10

Big plans and bigger numbers to get to, I’ll better get back to reading, and hopefully not succumb to sleep that easily.


The 3 days

As I crunch some numbers, there´s the realization that my February reading is a little begin schedule. With only 3 days left in the month, the quota left is a whopping 1,895 pages, to try and get at least that number, and not pile more red numbers to my already heaping pile of pasted months, a plot to get things done has emerged.

The plan is simple, read the four mangas you see above, giving a total of 785 pages, and with the 1,040 from Cormac McCarthy’s The Border Trilogy, will get almost to the mark, leaving only 70 pages to wrangle from some of the almost 500 comics left to read on my Kindle TBR.

This will not be an easy task, having a really hectic week ahead of me, but with some clever planning, lots of caffeine, and good lighting, I’m pretty sure this is a feasible endeavor to achieve.

Off to read.


Daily Journal: February 25, 2023

This is the second on a row that I post my daily update really late on the day, and if it’s any indication of how things are going, well, you are not mistaken.

With just the weekend left before the 100-day march begins, I find myself really behind schedule or what better said, I’m not quite where I was hoping to be at this point. There’s still over 3,000 pages to reach the 40,000-page mark, and with less than 2 days to do so, it’s safe to say that it has become a fools errand.

But not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I’ll give it a go. The strategy is simple, squeeze in as many as humanly possible quick read, keep working on the lengthy books that are on my queue, and hope for the best.

But not everything is gloomy and hopeless, I finally finished Mark Chadbourn’s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves, giving me 244 pages to knock off the 3,000 pages, and I got to seat a little outside, watched the sun paint the clouds with beautiful red and violets hues, and read a bit of Cormac Mccarthy’s Cities of the Plain.

Not a bad way to end the day.

Off to read


Daily Journal: February 24, 2023

I’m closing out the day with none of today’s tasks, even remotely close to getting done, and with only the 17 pages from Hellboy: The Ice Wolves as a sure thing to achieve, maybe the checklist will have to wait until tomorrow.

I’ll focus on getting at least that easy task under my belt. Maybe try to close the Hellboy novel altogether,there’s only around 30 pages to go. With that, I can shave off another chunk of my goal of 40,000 total pages before the 100-day march begins on February 27.

But before I go into my last reading session of the day, there’s the joyous matter of finally finishing the second part of Cormac Mccarthy’s The Border Trilogy, brutally beautiful writing as always from such a master of the craft. Now, the final part of the story lays in front of me, Cities of the Plain. Judging by the previous parts of the story, this is going to close out majestically.

Off to read


Daily Journal: February 23,2023

A bit late for today´s post, but I didn´t wanted to start slacking with my daily writting, and decided that at least a quick update of how thing went yesterday and how today is about to end.

Yesterday´s results were substantially better, the grand total for the day was 255 pages, but the best part was that I could registered a couples of books that I finished yesterday, Biútiful Frik and Spy X Family Vol. 3, giving a total of 450 registered pages, and knocking down the total pages to reach 40, 000 to only 3,216 pages to go.

From the mandatory five tasks from my perpetual reading checklist, three were checked off, still, the two major tasks, Cormac McCarthy´s The Border Trilogy and H.P. Lovecraft´s Collection have proven quite difficult to have any meaninful progress, andfor the look of it, they will hang on a bit after my 100-day march begins. But once I get thru them, the big pay-off in form of 2,393 pages will make me really happy.

Now, for today´s checklist, my tasks go as follows:

  • Read 93 pages of Cormac McCarthy´s The Border Trilogy
  • Read 235 pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s Collection (yeah, right)
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 4
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 5
  • Read 18 pages of Mark Chadbourn´s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves (another task that is on the brink of completing)

I’ll try to knock at least another task before my mind succumbs to the succulent embrace of Morpheus.

Off to read


Daily Journal: February 22,2023

Not quite the results I wanted for yesterday, but at least it wasn’t a zero, but to my deadline-chasing brain, anything under 180 pages might just be 0, well, actually it was 94 but who’s counting.

From yesterday’s five tasks from my perpetual reading checklist, just one was checked off, the old reliable story from Biútiful Frik. I just hope to find some balance between all the everyday responsibilities and reading.

Now, for today´s checklist, my tasks go as follows:

  • Read 75 pages of Cormac McCarthy´s The Border Trilogy
  • Read 192 pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s Collection (each day, it becomes more unlikely to achieve (
  • Read 1 story from Biútiful Frik (task already completed and the book is finished)
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 3
  • Read 26 pages of Mark Chadbourn´s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves (another task that is on the brink of completing)

I’ll try to knock out at least another task and make this day at least a little bit productive.

Off to read


Daily Journal: February 21, 2023

It has been 61 days since my last blank day, which means 0 pages read, you’ll have to go back all the way back to December 20, 2022, to find that dreaded result, but there’s no reason to panic, I’ll find a way to get things back on track if there’s a will there’s a way.

Needless to say, but from yesterday’s five tasks from my perpetual reading checklist non were checked off. But today will be a whole different story, the whole deal of the matter is a question of finding the little time nooks to take a breath and read a few pages, I guess there´s far more planning needed in order to achieve harmony between all the spheres that make up my daily life, and just know the perfect way to do so.

Now, for today´s checklist, my tasks go as follows:

  • Read 62 pages of Cormac McCarthy´s The Border Trilogy
  • Read 160 pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s Collection
  • Read 1 story from Biútiful Frik (task already completed)
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 3
  • Read 26 pages of Mark Chadbourn´s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves

And speaking of the supernatural Detective and my favorite comic book character of all time, of course, I’m talking about the big red dude known as Hellboy, today he´ll grace my combat armor for the day, as I tackle the treacherous Ice Wolves on a cold and snowy night on a remote New England cabin, full of secrets and fascinating artifacts.

Off to read


Daily Journal: February 20, 2023

Sunday is always an amazing day for reading, it could have been perfect, but I came short of some of my goals for the day, but non the less, it was a rainy day and I read over 300 pages, so this one goes in the win column.

There are now 7 days before the 100-day march and 3,666 pages to get to the 40,000-page mark. From my perpetual checklist, this time around 4 of the 5 tasks of the day was checked off, only the elusive H.P. Lovecraft collection and its more than 100 pages a day has proven more difficult than expected. The other thing that was listed as a priority was to get 377 pages to fill my weekly quota, that task fell short by 68 pages, but still, 1,178 pages for the week it’s nothing to brow upon.

For today, as complicated as Monday comes with life and work getting in the way, my checklist for today goes as follows:

  • Read 53 pages of Cormac McCarthy’s The Border Trilogy
  • Read 138 pages of H.P. Lovecraft´s Collection
  • Read 1 story from Biútiful Frik
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 3
  • Read 22 pages of Mark Chadbourn´s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves

Today, if all fall into place, I’ll return to the manga series Spy X Family, currently on volume number 3, following the adventure of spy Twilight, and the seemingly impossible task of procuring a family to infiltrate an elite private school, but as to complicate thing his fake adopted daughter is a telepath.

Off to read.


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