Daily Journal: February 20, 2023

Sunday is always an amazing day for reading, it could have been perfect, but I came short of some of my goals for the day, but non the less, it was a rainy day and I read over 300 pages, so this one goes in the win column.

There are now 7 days before the 100-day march and 3,666 pages to get to the 40,000-page mark. From my perpetual checklist, this time around 4 of the 5 tasks of the day was checked off, only the elusive H.P. Lovecraft collection and its more than 100 pages a day has proven more difficult than expected. The other thing that was listed as a priority was to get 377 pages to fill my weekly quota, that task fell short by 68 pages, but still, 1,178 pages for the week it’s nothing to brow upon.

For today, as complicated as Monday comes with life and work getting in the way, my checklist for today goes as follows:

  • Read 53 pages of Cormac McCarthy’s The Border Trilogy
  • Read 138 pages of H.P. Lovecraft´s Collection
  • Read 1 story from Biútiful Frik
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 3
  • Read 22 pages of Mark Chadbourn´s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves

Today, if all fall into place, I’ll return to the manga series Spy X Family, currently on volume number 3, following the adventure of spy Twilight, and the seemingly impossible task of procuring a family to infiltrate an elite private school, but as to complicate thing his fake adopted daughter is a telepath.

Off to read.


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