Daily Journal: February 19, 2023

Yesterday was a fairly productive day, of the five tasks on my checklist, I checked off three. The only two that eluded my capability of reading, reading 48 pages of Cormac McCarthy’s The Border Trilogy and reading 108 pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s Collection, this one, in particular, has been stalled for several days.

The focus for today is trying to get closer to the 40,000-page mark, as I wrote yesterday before my 100-day march begins on February 27. I still have 3,859 pages left to achieve the goal over an 8-day period, having 4 books and 5 mangas left on my TBR pile in order, to sum up, the necessary pages to cross the mark. The other task left to close out the week with at least the quota is to read a total of 377 pages for this lazy rainy Sunday.

I hope the day stays, at least for a little while, with the beautiful cloud cover that our desert enjoys right now, and if it has a touch of light rain it would be perfect to take my reading outside for a couple of chapters in the company of my beloved ash tree.

After crunching a few numbers, today’s checklist goes as follows:

  • Read 53 pages of Cormac McCarthy´s The Border Trilogy
  • Read 120 pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s Collection
  • Read 1 story from Biútiful Frik (see picture and description below)
  • Read DR.Stone Vol. 9
  • Read 24 pages of Mark Chadbourn´s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves

Before I set out for today’s reading, I would like to share a quick description of one of the books on my TBR pile which I have named “Before the march”, it is Biútiful Frik, a collection of short stories, three of them illustrated, inspired by Mary Shelley´s Frankenstein, the short stories are by Mexican female authors, with the exception of the graphic artist Bef, and their take is a refreshing approach to one of history’s greatest novel.

Off to read.


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