As the long standing tradition at the beginning of my reading year dictates, I have fallen behind my schedule, in both my total pages and this week’s book.

Nothing completely catastrophic, but none the less I’m rushing to rectify the situation.

For the upcoming years, being the total for each one so challenging , I have decided to focus on getting the total for each week done by Sunday night, if I don’t do this it starts snow balling and what little control I have goes out the window.

To start this year my daily total must be 178 pages, that would mean that each week I should finish with 1,246 pages by the end of each Sunday, and every 10 weeks, I recalculate my total for each day and adjust accordingly, hopefully it will start to go down.

Getting back to me falling behind, right now I am 205 pages behind schedule for my weekly total, and 30 pages for this weeks book.

So the first thing is to brew some coffee, chip away those 30 pages of the book, it won’t be hard because Hidden Empire has been fucking amazing, and try to squeeze in some pages from the first volume of DC comics 52.

Off to read.


52 in 52, the second attempt

With this new and blossoming year comes the idea to try and tackle a task that has eluded me in the past, to read a book for each of the 52 weeks of my reading year.

So, what better time than the present, although I don’t have the full list of reading for this year, and let’s remember it’s focused on Science Fiction books, I can at least put down the first 11 books in reading order.

  1. Hidden Empire ( Kevin J. Anderson)
  2. A Forest of Stars ( Kevin J. Anderson)
  3. Horizons Storms ( Kevin J. Anderson)
  4. Scattered Suns ( Kevin J. Anderson)
  5. Of Fire and Night ( Kevin J. Anderson)
  6. Metal Swarm ( Kevin J. Anderson)
  7. The Ashes of Worlds ( Kevin J. Anderson)
  8. Exhalación (Ted Chiang)
  9. The Fifth Season ( N.K. Jemisin)
  10. The Obelisk Gate   ( N.K. Jemisin)
  11. The Stone Sky   ( N.K. Jemisin)

Any recommendations will be more than welcome, for now I’ll keep on working on the 63 daily pages to finish The Hidden Empire by Sunday.

Off to read.


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