14 down, 38 to go

I’m more that glad to say that the 52 books in 52 weeks is not on schedule, actually, it is ahead of schedule.

Yesterday I finished reading book number 14, and consequently the last of the three books by Ernest Cline that were on my TBR pile for this year of sci-fi reading.

Armada is the tale of an intergalactic battle game that pins the greatest hot-shot pilots since Top Gun against the extraterrestrial menace coming from Jupiter’s moon Europa, little do the top 10 ranking players that this war simulation will quickly transform into a struggle for the very insistence of humanity.

The story moves in a brisk pace, following the quick deployment of Zack Lightman and his high flying battles in space against the extraterrestrial threat, the story a little bit like a tribute to Ender’s Game with the familiar splash of pop-culture knowledge that was so central to the other two novels by Mr. Cline.

This is just a fun ride and a great weekend read, I did find missing some of the subtleties and questions that Ready Player One and Two posse of the nature of our existence against the vastness of the universe, but sometimes a book should be just and escape from reality.

This week I’ll start one of the most challenging books of this year’s reading, Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons, this particular volume contain the first two books of the award winning series, Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, totaling a whopping 929 pages. Judging by the first chapter I read, some of the most disturbing thing I have read in awhile, the length of the book will not be problem, for the first push got me to page 89, the perfect way to get things rolling for Monday.

Which remains me to upload the latest update of my numbers.

Off to read


13 down, 39 to go

Thanks to an all night power outage, and a very hot and uncomfortable night, book number 13 is the in the bag.

Continuing with the next chapter of the epic adventure that started with Ready Player One

Now in Ready Player Two, a new hunt arises in the OASIS, the soul of the mermaid, a 7 fragment mission to bring back one of the architects of this fantastic alternative world.

There are a lot of amazing subtleties of the future of mankind, from our virtual posterity, to the idea of this new existence thru the programming of almost sentient AI. A lot of questions come to mind, What defines our humanity?, is it our thoughts and memories, Is a physical body necessary to be consider human?

With the ever growing virtuality of our existence, I think this questions will quintessential in our future moving forward.

Now for the pure fun part, and being a huge Tolkien fan, the whole part referencing The Silmarillion and Morgoth’s crown, was probably my favorite part. Coming in a close second was the whole Prince planet, that was some surreal shit, the only thing missing was the skit from Dave Chappelle’s show, where he plays basketball and eats pancakes.

Now to close out my Ernest Cline cycle, I will read Armada, was that a flying saucer?, let’s find out.

Off to read.


12 down, 40 to go

Yesterday, I finished the twelve book of this year of reading, and 52 books in 52 weeks is officially back on track.

The book marking is ominous occasion is Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, and let me tell you, it was a geek’s wet dream, making reference to some of the most iconic and beloved pieces of fiction, this book is a true delight.

I like both the book and the movie, but for me the source material is far better that its cinematic counterpart, without spoiling anything major my favorite things that didn’t appear in the movie were :

  • The whole Dungeons and Dragons Tomb of Horrors module appearance.
  • The Monty Python and the Holy Grail sequence.
  • The background of the villainous Nolan Sorrento, in the movie he is depicted as a generic villain, the book’s version is much better.
  • The Blade Runner references.
  • And finally, the incorporation of Rush’s conceptual album 2112.

In all the book has a great pace, I read in little over 2 days, and all the little pop culture nuggets along its pages make you reminiscence of all the cool things I grew up with.

The next book in my queue is the sequel, Ready Player Two, already on page 119, and as Jerry Maguire says, “You had me with the Lord of the Rings references “

I also start this Sunday morning with 1,691 left to read for the month of August, quite the Gargantuan task, but with my renew pace the possibility broaden.

Off to read.


Still No Numbers

This passed few weeks have been very hectic, and I had to choose between a few extra moments to read in stead off running projections or writing in my blog, both things that I equally love, but not as much as reading.

Apparently, things have finally settle into a less chaotic pace, and here I am, getting up to speed on how things are.

As the title of this entry claims, I still have not run my usual analysis of my numbers for this year of reading, the only I can say is that my total is currently 13,849 pages, my schedule is 4 days behind, if I manage to finish the twelve of the year by Sunday my 52 books in 52 weeks challenge will be back on schedule, and with only 5 days left in the month, my total numbers for August are dangerously low.

This week I mainly focus on reading the last volume of The Legends of Dune Trilogy, The Battle of Corrin, of the three books it was my least favorite, is still pretty good book, but with the generational shift, some of the most endearing characters were left behind. But there’s some great things that became integral part of the classic novel, like the discovery of the effects of the spice and the founding of the Navigators Guild, the surprising origin of the Mentats, the birth of one of the most influential houses, Corrino, and of course the age-old feud between the Atreides and the Harkonnen, things that make you feel the historical connections with that original material so highly appreciated.

To keep things rolling on the 52 books in 52 weeks , I’ll jump into three novels by Ernest Cline, starting with his famous novel Ready Player One, continuing with its sequel, Ready Player Two, and to finish close with Armada, from which I know nothing, there’s a really good chance that I’ll finish with both Ready Player One and Ready Player Two by Sunday night.

But the most pressing matter is those 2, 175 pages left on my reading schedule for August, that’s 435 pages for each day, this calls for a mini-marathon.

Off to read.


199 pages

Midday is upon me, and I am glad to say the my progress has been really satisfactory.

There are 199 pages left on Dune: The Battle of Corrin, and from the look of it there’s a pretty good chance I’ll get thru them sometime after midnight.

To make this day-long reading session much more enjoyable I am thrilled to welcome my two good friends, pizza and red wine.

On a side note, my current total for the week now sits at 760 pages, still shooting for 1,000, but will see.

Let’s go get those pages.


Halfway there

With little under an hour left on the day I am glad to say that the halfway point of Dune : The Battle of Corrin, currently on page 323 of 620, my goal is to leave around 250 for tomorrow’s reading.

For the total pages of the week I’m really close to 700, so shooting for over 1,000 isn’t that complicated, maybe even 1,250, but I must not get ahead of myself, first thing first, keep the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge on schedule, and then reduce the accumulated pages a little each week.

Let’s see how the Monday report fairs, and then scheme some new crazy challenge to get back on track, like, I don’t know, read 100 hours each month, just an idea, not like I have been thinking about it.


Off to read.


Determined to get back on track

As the day briskly passes I have become aware that this last two weeks have been really slow, snail pace at their best, well that’s about to stop.

I have 388 pages left on Dune: The Battle of Corrin, and a whopping 1,476 pages left on this week’s, that’s including the negative pages that have been accumulating from passed weeks. Both numbers are crucial for this year reading.

To be perfectly honest I think the total page count for the week is a little over my known capabilities, but finishing the book, that I can do, it’s one of those situations where you have to pick your battles wisely.

What I will do is to have some in between sessions, sort of breathers from the more intense reading.

I come to find that in this kind of situations nothing better move things along than reading some mutant action, and with a couple of classics by Chris Claremont, Days of Future Past and Gods Loves, Man Kills, this weekend promises to get me back on my lane.

Off to read.


Let’s make it 11

As the weekend begins, there’s still 525 pages left on this week’s book, Dune: The Battle of Corrin.

That’s 175 pages, 1 bottle of red wine, and about 2 chocolates per day, sounds like a fun weekend, this book will mark my first leg thru the Dune universe, which will continue probably around November with The Sisterhood of Dune, I’m going chronologically.

For my next adventure I am torn between starting N.K. Jemisin’s award winning series, or a trio of Ernest Cline books.

But first thing first, let’s get the weekend’s celebrations, and but that I mean reading without pants.

Off to read.


10 down, 42 to go

Although a bit late, last night, I finished the tenth book of this year of reading.

The second volume of the trilogy Legends of Dune, The Machine Crusade, focuses on the Infinite battlegrounds of the conflict between the League of Nobles and Omnius, the evermind, and his thinking machines

The Butlerian Jihad, as it has become known for , the now figurehead of the human side of the conflict, the uprising of Serena Butler against her Machine captors

The books depicts, intensively by the way , about 36 year of the conflict, stretching thru various parts of the now famous universe created by Mr. Herbert. I am particularly interested on the creation of the Navigators Guild, there are hint of the past history of this universe and what made this story so compelling, to see its genesis is simply amazing.

One of the great things, and without spoiling anything, although the books have been in print for almost 20 years, anyway, is that the authors do not shy away from high stakes, in which, this characters you become to love, have to face hard and possibly life threatening situations.

To continue with my journey the next tale is the short story The Faces of a Martyr, contained in the book The Road to Dune, and the final chapter of the Trilogy, The Battle of Corrin.

And to get back on track with my challenge of 52 books in 52 weeks, I only have 5 days to finish it.

Off to read.


Down to the wire

With less than two hours left on this Sunday, I am not even close to where my reading should be.

On Dune: The Machine Crusade my progress was somewhat satisfactory, currently on page 562, which leaves 139 pages to finish, the goal is to leave less than 100 pages for tomorrow, and hit the ground running with the final book of this trilogy, The Battle of Corrin.

On the goal of at least 800 total pages for the week, there’s still 209 pages in front of me, I’ll do my best by throwing some X-men action, right now I am reading the conclusion of the events that started on House of M, the aftermath of Messiah Complex and Messiah War, The Second Coming, let’s see what the futures have waiting for Hope.

Off to read.


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