A quick one before I lose myself in some pages

This passed week was just perfect.

Finally, after a 4-week drought, I completed the 1,246-page goal, and even had 24 extra pages to decrease the gargantuan amount of backlog pages that have been collecting thru the weeks.

I still have some graphic novels and a couple of books left to tally in the total for the year, but I’m closing to the 25,000-page mark, and that bottle of wine is just screaming to be opened.

The pictures below are some of the graphic novels from last week’s reading, I particularly recommend Monstress, Marjorie Liu’s writing is superb, and the artwork by Sana Takeda is simply breathtaking.

Concerning two of my active mini goals, 52 books in 52 weeks and End of the Year Reading Marathon, there’s some really good news.

I’m about 20% away from finishing Sisterhood of Dune, book number 23 of the year, which gives me a two-week advantage in that regard.

On the 180-hour reading marathon to close out the final 60 days of the year, the clock is closing in on the 10-hour mark, and with my classes rapidly coming to an end, I think is number, along with my total pages, will increase exponentially.

I’ll start taking advantage of the upcoming three-day weekend, and have some intense sessions. See you probably until my magic Monday reading report, this of course if there’s nothing out of ordinary to share.

Off to read.


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