More self imposed reading marathons

Although in the last time-based marathon I barely surpassed the midway mark, as you can attest from the image below, but what it did to boost my motivation for reading was far more important than to hit the whole 49 hours that was the goal.

I mean, almost 26 hours in 10 days, not a small chunk of change, which included November 2 with the amazing total of 446 pages.

My plan for the remaining 58 days of 2021, yeah you guess it right, more reading marathons. To start things off, my plan is to read a daily average of 3 hours, that would give around 180 hours to complete by December 31.

This is going to include at least 4 page-based marathons, one around Thanksgiving, which include eating massive amounts of turkey, one around December 6, which marks the halfway point of this year of reading, and the other two, which becomes a two-headed monster, and it revolves around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this is probably my favorite of the year, it’s filled with good food, lots of drinking, a lot of new books as presents, and more importantly, lots of amazing traditions with my lovely wife and kids.

Time to tackle those 178 hours and hopefully by the end of the year, I´ll be looking at around 37,000 total pages.

Off to read.


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