3 days, and 725 pages


The first pages registered in a few days, this was starting to see as an exercise in futility.

As I posted yesterday, my afternoon , the little free time squeeze in between my father duties and class, was spent in a galaxy far, far away, about 36,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, following the adventures in exile in the prison planet Bogan of Xesh the Force Hunter, the once known Expanded Universe is full really good material, it seems like a wasted opportunity.

For today I have already the really short story from the Wizards anthology, Billy and the Wizard by Terry Bisson, it would be a good idea to close out the day with the next story, The Magikkers by Terry Dowling.

For the rest of the day my focus will be trying to finish Lejanos guerreros, currently on page of 47 of 116.

Off to read.


What a trip thru hyperspace

Yesterday was the last day of my three week long Star Wars readathon, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I had the intention to write earlier the outcome of the readathon, but yesterday I was fortunate enough to finally receive my one dose Covid-19 vaccine, and with it came some mild side effects, mainly sleepiness, so today I had a bit of a slow start.

Now, my final page count sits at 4,285 not quite the 5,000 pages of my original goal, but to average over 1,400 pages each week it is an amazing achievement.

But my favorite part was that I could read one book for each week of the challenge, the first two weeks were devoted to stories from The Old Republic, and the third week to a story during The Clone Wars.

Alongside these three amazing books, I also took a trip all along the timeline, this thru 12 graphic novels and 15 comic books.

This was a great booster to close out this reading year on a high note, and these 11 days left are going to be completely epic.

Off to read.


36,453 years before the Battle of Yavin

To continue with my Star Wars readathon, a very productive day with 192 total pages for the day so far, I’ll delve into a story-arc of the origin of the mythical Jedi Order.

Although this story, written by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema, is no longer part of the current canon, it has always eluded me, and now that I found a Spanish reprint, the opportunity to read it coincided perfectly with this joyous marathon.

Now to face the snowy mountains of Ando Prime, and the calling of the Force in its raw form.

Off to read.


Final three days of the Star Wars readathon

To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting such an amazing result in both the quality and the quantity of my reading for this readathon.

I love Star Wars, but the last three movie were a bit off from the essence of what made me keep going back to this universe, these being said, the printed part is just simply amazing.

Either the Canon part or the now dubbed Legends series, each and every story is at the least fun.

My biggest surprise so far has been the book Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, I was expecting an action pack Clone Wars story, but much to my delight, there are some really moving parts involving the 900 year old Jedi Master.

One of the series that was on my radar was the second series of Darth Vader, here in Mexico it was printed alongside other miniseries like Captain Phasma and Mace Windu, written by Charles Soule, it delves into his rise to the Dark Side, the first particular story-arc follows his quest to obtain his mythical crimson bladed lightsaber.

Today, I’ll continue my journey thru the Dark Side, and hopefully, my day will be as productive as yesterday, I had a total of 534 pages and reached 3,538 of the 5,000 goal of total pages for this readathon.

To star off the morning, let’s go back to the Old Republic era and see the ancient Sith try to establish their iron fist rule over the galaxy, all of this with some coffee and cookies.

Off to read.


Second week of the Star Wars readathon

I am about to close-out the second week , and start off the last week of my extremely fun Star Wars readathon.

And they have been really productive, I have read so far 2 books, both in the Old Republic era, 8 graphic novels, these all over the timeline, and thanks to this, I have a total of 2,681 pages.

And to make this final week even more special, I received the shipping confirmation of the massive purchase I made on May the 4th, which include 20 single issues and 2 graphic, all Star Wars stories of course, apparently it will arrive on Friday, just in perfect time to close-out this all ready successful readathon with a bang.

In the meantime, I’ll try to finish the current book on deck, Yoda-Dark Rendezvous, and the two remaining Old Republic graphic novels, Blood of the Empire and The Lost Suns.

I’ll keep on pushing for those 5,000 total pages for these readathon, which has now became officially part of the recurrent events for my reading project.

Off to read.


Morning goals

I have started this Monday morning with a lot of energy, must be the five coffee cups racing around my bloodstream, the point is that I’ll take advantage of this jittery energy and get some reading done.

As I checked my goal for May, 6,300 pages, on Bookly I tough that it is doable.

Maybe is the caffeine talking, but 3,577 pages in 14 days seems like the type of challenge for me.

So, to start off this week’s reading, I’ll continue on a galaxy far, far away, with a story of Master Yoda and the raging Clone Wars.

Off to read.


First week of the Star Wars readathon

I am about to close out the first week of anything and everything Star Wars.

And I must say that the results are quite satisfactory, 1 book and 3 graphic novels finished , 1,363 total pages, and a massive order of single issues Darth Vader comic books on the way, this can only get better.

In the meantime, I’ll continue working on a couple of things already on my digital library, on the Book front, I’ll continue in the Old Republic with Paul S. Kemp’s Deceived.

On the graphic novel front, I fast forward to the days before the beginning of the prequel trilogy with The Rise of the Sith, following the adventures of Qui-Gon Jinn and his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, with some appearances of members of the Jedi Council, and whispers of a phantom menace.

Now to get 5,000 pages in these readathon to finish this year on a high note.

Off to read.


The force is still with me

I am entering the fourth day of my three week long Star Wars reading marathon, and if I can keep up the current pace it will be really productive.

Right now, I have read a total of 831 pages, this includes two amazing graphic novels, The Old Republic: Threat of Peace, and Star Wars-Omnibus: Emissaries & Assassins, this last volume has some adventures of Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi in Tatooine , where he encounters a Jedi of the ferocious Tusken Raiders.

I also made some good progress with Star Wars: Revan, currently on page 263 which is almost the halfway point, it is really fast paced adventure into the uncertain lost memories of a really powerful Sith Lord who fought his way into redemption.

I’ll try to finish by Tuesday, my plan is to read one book each week of the readathon, I’ll be looking into my TBR pile to seek my next adventure.

Off to read.

May the fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars day!!!

Today marks the start of a three week long Star Wars marathon, this would be the second year I celebrate one of my favorite universes in such manner.

Has you would imagine, and as with pretty much everything else involving the goals of this project, the main idea is to read as much Star Wars material possible.

I’ll start with two stories that are no longer canon, and are set in the Old Republic, that’s about 4,000 years before Episode IV.

I’ll update my total numbers on Friday, and hopefully this reading marathon will be a boost to finish the year strongly.

Off to read.


The beginning of the season of reading challenges is upon us

Each year I try to participate in several readathons, and this will not be the exception.

So far I have planned to participate in at least four this year, 2 organized by different groups, and 2 self appointed.

This will be :

  1. Bookly Winter Readathon
  2. 24in48 February 2021
  3. May the force be with you readathon
  4. Seven days of reading Summer Edition

The first one will be Bookly Winter Readathon, organized by the Bookly app, the objetive is to read 10 hours from January 28 to January 31, tracking this on the app.

You can more information on Bookly’s blog

The second one is organized by the amazing team of 24in48.com, this is a great challenge, the goal is to read 24 total hours over a weekend, this time it will be the weekend of February 6 and 7.

You can sign up on their official website.

The last two, May the Force be with you readathon, and Seven Days of Reading summer edition, are self appointed.

So, from May 4, the official Star Wars, to May 25, the anniversary of Episode IV, I will read anything, and everything about one of my favorite universes.

I will focus on The Old Republic era, it’s not canon anymore but I have been meaning to read it.

The last one on this preliminary list is the readathon to close out my reading year, and to celebrate my birthday, and as the last one, it’s an intense week of daily challenges, it will take place from May 31 to June 6, my 40th birthday.

I will try a new thing this year, a monthly reading challenge, for this occasion I will take the challenge from my favorite Mexican independent publishing house , Paraiso Perdido.

Picture taken from their official Instagram account: @eparaisoperdido

As soon I finish with The Assassin Apprentice, I will start the first book, Cuando las luces aparezcan by Roberto Abad.

A pretty active year, and hopefully, more activities will surface

Just as a quick update, I still have 5,353 pages to go on January, and my plan for today is to finish Assassin Apprentice, currently on page 372, and read a couple of comic books.

For now, I am off to read.


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