(Y-11) Jedi Librarian

Right now, I am reading the second volume of Charles Soule’s run on Star Wars :Darth Vader-Dark Lord of the Sith.

One thing I particularly enjoy is to see again the Jedi Temple in Coruscant, under explored in my opinion.

And also, the return of the Jedi Librarian Jocasta Nu, protector of the greatest Jedi secrets and pretty handy with a Lightsaber.

Somehow she survived order 66 and is now trying to rebuild a school for Jedi.

I have really enjoyed this series, some of the best stories of the new Star Wars era in comic books.

Now to read and try to achieve my next goal.


(Y-11) Two more for the road

In order to close out this mega Star Wars reading session, that started back on May 4th, I will read two more volumes of the series Darth Vader-Dark Lord of the Sith by Charles Soule.

Although there is still some more Star Wars material available on my Kindle Unlimited, I plan to start reading some new stuff before coming back to a galaxy far,far away fo another round.

After I’m done with those two volumes, I’ll start with the DC universe Rebirth Batgirl series, by Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque.

I have the printed version of the second volume and there are a few available on Kindle Unlimited.

Time to take advantage of my insomnia.


(Y-11) Back to the Dark Lord of the Sith

To close out a much needed night of relaxation, I now turn to the fourth volume Kieron Gillen’s run of Star Wars: Darth Vader, it is full of intrigue and backdoor deals, all in the classic Sith way.

Hopefully it will be finished before I succumb to sleep.

And, tomorrow I’ll finally take the time to update my list and have a full numbers report.

Pretty sure I have passed the 25,000-page mark, will see tomorrow.


(Y-11) Back to following the footsteps of a Sith Lord

Just finished the fourth issue of Jeff Lemire’s Gideon Falls, and as before it is only getting better, I’ll have to buy the next issues because I have to know what comes next.

But for now I’ll retrace my steps back to one of my favourite universes, Star Wars.

On this occasion I’ll read th e third volume of the on going series of infamous Dark Lord of the Sith, Death Vader.

It has been tremendous and it doesn’t seem to let up.

A night of dodging blaster and red lightsabers.


(Y-11) Revenge of the 5th

Well, my weekend’s reading has been quite rewarding, yesterday I logged in more than 400 pages and today will pretty much end the same way.

And keeping with the weekend’s theme it was all Star Wars.

So, I finished volumes three and four of Jason Aaron’s run on the new Star Wars series, and it really fills the void we do not see in the movies.

Also, I finished the first volume of Kieron Gillen’s run with infamous Sith Lord, Earth Vader.

Right now, I plan to close out the night reading the next volume of this really promising series, this of course after I finish watching Game of Thrones.

Happy Readings!!!


(Y-11) The Force keeps on rolling

Right now, I am watching Episode III : The Revenge of the Sith, and have finished cooking some lasagna and the second volume of Jason Aaron’s run on the new Star Wars series.

I think this day can only get better.


(Y-11) May the Fourth be with you.

Happy Star Wars day!!!

I will have an early start to this day and I’ll do this by reading the first volume in the new Marvel Comics era of Star Wars,originally they published from 1977 until 1986, then the series when to Dark Comics, this by the mid 90s.

In 2015, they announced that the series was coming back to Marvel Comics.

So now, I’ll read the first volume on the run of a really talented writer, Jason Aaron and officially start today’s celebration.

May the Force be with you, always.


(Y-11) Gearing up for May the 4th.

Tomorrow is Star Wars, or more commonly known as May the Fourth.

An as a huge fan of the saga I will indulge and both movies and comics of this beloved universe.

For the movie part, I’ll play it according to tomorrow’s mood.

And on the comic-book front, I’ll put my Kindle Unlimited subscription to good use, mainly to read both the Star Wars and Vader series, which are part of the new Marvel Comics take on the series.

I’m looking forward to a complete day of perusing on a galaxy far, far away.


(Y-11) Getting back to form

With only Saturday and Sunday left in my reading week and a total of 116 pages of the 1,162 projected in order to reach this year goal, getting back on track with my reading is of the utmost importance.

Today’s plan is to finish the first volume of Alan Moore’s Promethea, start to read Star Wars graphic novel about legendary Admiral Thrawn and make some headway with The Last Threshold.

Caffeine don’t fail me now.


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