As always,scheming and reading

So, this is it, at least for the present year of reading, the final 15 days to get, what I started a day after my 40th birthday, done.

Knowing quite well how my mind start acting when this type of deadlines come knocking at my door, I get what can be describe as the restless jitters of do everything else but read. So I have device some tasks to help me get rid of my nervous energy, and get some reading in between.

First and foremost, there’s the tiny task of reaching the first 500,000 pages.

Seeing the bigger picture, I have 302 days left until my desired end date of the first half of this project, that’s March 20, 2023. In those terms, there’s a minimal of 262 daily pages from today up until March of next year, taking in account that my global average is 83 pages per day, there´s some stepping up to do. The thing that gives me some hope is that for the last three years, (Y-12), (Y-13), and (Y-14), my daily average has gone up exponentially, from 107 in (Y-13) to 179 in (Y-14).

The task is to finish my reading for the month of May, the goal were 62 hours , there’s still 29 hours left, and 9 days to get it done, this is a great complement to get my ass reading, and progressing in a much faster pace.

The third and final task, is a possible extension of my Star Wars Marathon. This, with the crazy idea to get thru every single novel in the Legends subset of the now non-canon stories that made me get into the Universe even more deeply.

I have read quite a bit of novels from the New Republic era, set 5 to 25 years after the Battle of Yavin, or the end of Episode IV: A New Hope. Now my focus is to fill in the blanks of the story, but get this, in chronological manner, if this isn’t the most OG shit you read today, don’t no what I’m doing wrong.

To start off, I´ll go back 25,793 years before the heroics of Luke Skywalker, to the world of the Pre-Republic Dawn of the Jedi: Into Void written by Tim Lebbon, and following, a bit more modern story, only 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, with collection of short stories by John Jackson Miller Lost Tribe of the Sith, in which he explores the misadventures of the Sith mining ship Omen.

Now that I have things mapped out, let´s go do them.

Off to read.


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