Final three days of the Star Wars readathon

To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting such an amazing result in both the quality and the quantity of my reading for this readathon.

I love Star Wars, but the last three movie were a bit off from the essence of what made me keep going back to this universe, these being said, the printed part is just simply amazing.

Either the Canon part or the now dubbed Legends series, each and every story is at the least fun.

My biggest surprise so far has been the book Yoda: Dark Rendezvous, I was expecting an action pack Clone Wars story, but much to my delight, there are some really moving parts involving the 900 year old Jedi Master.

One of the series that was on my radar was the second series of Darth Vader, here in Mexico it was printed alongside other miniseries like Captain Phasma and Mace Windu, written by Charles Soule, it delves into his rise to the Dark Side, the first particular story-arc follows his quest to obtain his mythical crimson bladed lightsaber.

Today, I’ll continue my journey thru the Dark Side, and hopefully, my day will be as productive as yesterday, I had a total of 534 pages and reached 3,538 of the 5,000 goal of total pages for this readathon.

To star off the morning, let’s go back to the Old Republic era and see the ancient Sith try to establish their iron fist rule over the galaxy, all of this with some coffee and cookies.

Off to read.


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