Numbers: May 21, 2021

Yesterday was a crazy busy day, finish class at 9:15 p.m., and the only thing I wanted was some booze and some snooze, hence the late post. I have only 4 days left of the three-week long Star Wars reading marathon ,the amazing results keep on piling on , this includes a total of 3,004 pages, three books, 8 graphic novels, and hopefully by the end of this weekend, close to 20 comic books.

Now for the thing we are here for, an update off my progress for the last week’s reading.

My current total is 21,423 of the 37, 984 pages of this year’s goal, and I have 17 days left on this year I still have the pipe dream of at least 25,000 total pages by the time the dust settles.

In not so good news, my reading schedule fell even more behind , from 86 days to 89 days, hopefully it will stay the same for this last two weeks of reading, being this a sign that my total pages for the week is more than 1,200 pages, perfect to reach the “participation trophy” total for this year.

The projections for total pages for the year sits at 23,064, a whopping 6 page improvement from last week, well at least it did not go down, and I can put it on the win column for this week

On the broader picture, my numbers show some shallows breaths of improvement, still, I keep chipping away days and pages .

The new date for reaching my first 500,000 pages, now down to 153,034 pages and improvement of 680 from last week, and the new date is December 16, 2026, a 2 day gain from last week, I’ll take any little step that gets me closer to the original end date of March 20, 2023, every day counts.

Now for the golden prize of 1,000,000 pages, to my delight the projections puts it 8,680 days away, a 13 day gain from last week, which would mean that the end date is February 25, 2045, that’s 5,014 days after the original plan, 5 days less that last week, I am really grateful that this particular projection always shows improvement, it gives hope that this is still reachable .

To summary the numbers from my Journey Back, here are this week’s final numbers:

  • Pages to reach 500,000: 153,034 pages (680 pages less than last week)
  • Days to reach 1,000,000: 8,680 days (13 days less than last week)
  • Days behind schedule: 5,014 days (5 days less than last week)

What concerns the next decade of reading, this week’s adjustment show a bit of improvement on my yearly average and my daily average stayed the same, they finish like this:

  • Pages needed/year: 65,303 (68 pages less than last week)
  • Pages needed/day: 179 (same as last week)

I’ll continue with reading some great adventures from one of my favorite universes, and hopefully next week will be twice as productive as this one, the pile of comic books on my nightstand predict that it will be.

Off to read.


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