Second week of the Star Wars readathon

I am about to close-out the second week , and start off the last week of my extremely fun Star Wars readathon.

And they have been really productive, I have read so far 2 books, both in the Old Republic era, 8 graphic novels, these all over the timeline, and thanks to this, I have a total of 2,681 pages.

And to make this final week even more special, I received the shipping confirmation of the massive purchase I made on May the 4th, which include 20 single issues and 2 graphic, all Star Wars stories of course, apparently it will arrive on Friday, just in perfect time to close-out this all ready successful readathon with a bang.

In the meantime, I’ll try to finish the current book on deck, Yoda-Dark Rendezvous, and the two remaining Old Republic graphic novels, Blood of the Empire and The Lost Suns.

I’ll keep on pushing for those 5,000 total pages for these readathon, which has now became officially part of the recurrent events for my reading project.

Off to read.


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