On the verge

Right about now it’s a good time to take a deep breath, and remind myself to not let up the pace, the goal is within reach.

With only 24 days left on my reading, there’s some 4,312 pesky page between me and the very ambitious goal of 64,492 pages.

Consequently this is the first, hopefully not the last, year that my total has surpassed not only the 50,000-page mark, but also the next level, with a total of 60,630 pages, and more on the way.

To keep things rolling, I’m still deeply immersed in my Star Wars readathon, slated to finish on May 25. I suspect that there’s going to be a continuation of this marathon to start off year number 15.

I’ll look into acquiring the next volumes of the now non-canon series Legacy of the Force, from which, I’m reading the first entry, Betrayal.

Now to burn the midnight oil.

Off to read.


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