Under the weather

Yesterday I received my booster shot of the covid-19 vaccine, and as the last time, there were some mild side effects. I had to stay in bed yesterday, and today it will seem that the day shall progress similarly.

I’ll take this as an opportunity to get some much needed rest, and of course what better activity to pass the day that getting some reading done.

I’m glad to inform that for the second week in a row the 1,246-page mark was achieved, my total was 1,324, that means that I had 78 positive pages to take down the massive surplus of pages accumulated thru-out the week that my reading wasn’t great.

For this week, number 23, I started with 5,290 negative pages, but, much to my delight , the first day of the week started with a bang, 520 total pages and I’m pretty sure that the next milestone is complete, reaching 25,000 total pages for the year. Hopefully, I’ll feel better during the day in order to register the finished items to see how close that next step is.

For today, my reading will comprise of a healthy dose of China Mieville’s La ciudad y la ciudad, currently on page 220, and a couple of graphic novels, Snow Angels, by the amazingly talented creative team of Jeff Lemire and artist Jock, and some classic Wolverine action, part of the collection contains Rob Liefield’s legendary run with Logan.

Concerning my “end of the year reading marathon” , I’m closing in on 20 hours, leaving only 160 more to go, a walk in the park.

I’m shooting for a 6 hour reading day, and at least another 500 pages of total reading, this in between some energizing naps.

Off to read.


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