14 down, 38 to go

I’m more that glad to say that the 52 books in 52 weeks is not on schedule, actually, it is ahead of schedule.

Yesterday I finished reading book number 14, and consequently the last of the three books by Ernest Cline that were on my TBR pile for this year of sci-fi reading.

Armada is the tale of an intergalactic battle game that pins the greatest hot-shot pilots since Top Gun against the extraterrestrial menace coming from Jupiter’s moon Europa, little do the top 10 ranking players that this war simulation will quickly transform into a struggle for the very insistence of humanity.

The story moves in a brisk pace, following the quick deployment of Zack Lightman and his high flying battles in space against the extraterrestrial threat, the story a little bit like a tribute to Ender’s Game with the familiar splash of pop-culture knowledge that was so central to the other two novels by Mr. Cline.

This is just a fun ride and a great weekend read, I did find missing some of the subtleties and questions that Ready Player One and Two posse of the nature of our existence against the vastness of the universe, but sometimes a book should be just and escape from reality.

This week I’ll start one of the most challenging books of this year’s reading, Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons, this particular volume contain the first two books of the award winning series, Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, totaling a whopping 929 pages. Judging by the first chapter I read, some of the most disturbing thing I have read in awhile, the length of the book will not be problem, for the first push got me to page 89, the perfect way to get things rolling for Monday.

Which remains me to upload the latest update of my numbers.

Off to read


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