Another milestone for (Y-14)

In between all my sucky progress in this year reading, I still somehow managed to pass another milestone for the year, reaching 15,000 pages on the year.

My current total is 15,199 which represents a 23% of the total projected for this year of reading, that’s 64,942 pages, with the start of a new month comes both the excitement and nervousness of seeing how the final tally was. Well as you can imagine, it was not exactly what I hope for.

August was kind of a bumpy ride, my final total of net pages was 4,330 of the 5,518 projected for the month, it would seem not that big of a deal, that 1,188 pages deficit, but as the month pass, that can accumulate really fast.

So I start the month of September with 5,340 projected pages, and thanks to the positive numbers of the first two month, my total to reach balance will be 5,791 pages, not bad considering all the self imposed drama.

I even bought a bottle of wine to celebrate this little achievement, celebratory drinks over the weekend.

Off to read.


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