13 down, 39 to go

Thanks to an all night power outage, and a very hot and uncomfortable night, book number 13 is the in the bag.

Continuing with the next chapter of the epic adventure that started with Ready Player One

Now in Ready Player Two, a new hunt arises in the OASIS, the soul of the mermaid, a 7 fragment mission to bring back one of the architects of this fantastic alternative world.

There are a lot of amazing subtleties of the future of mankind, from our virtual posterity, to the idea of this new existence thru the programming of almost sentient AI. A lot of questions come to mind, What defines our humanity?, is it our thoughts and memories, Is a physical body necessary to be consider human?

With the ever growing virtuality of our existence, I think this questions will quintessential in our future moving forward.

Now for the pure fun part, and being a huge Tolkien fan, the whole part referencing The Silmarillion and Morgoth’s crown, was probably my favorite part. Coming in a close second was the whole Prince planet, that was some surreal shit, the only thing missing was the skit from Dave Chappelle’s show, where he plays basketball and eats pancakes.

Now to close out my Ernest Cline cycle, I will read Armada, was that a flying saucer?, let’s find out.

Off to read.


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