Daily Journal: February 22,2023

Not quite the results I wanted for yesterday, but at least it wasn’t a zero, but to my deadline-chasing brain, anything under 180 pages might just be 0, well, actually it was 94 but who’s counting.

From yesterday’s five tasks from my perpetual reading checklist, just one was checked off, the old reliable story from Biútiful Frik. I just hope to find some balance between all the everyday responsibilities and reading.

Now, for today´s checklist, my tasks go as follows:

  • Read 75 pages of Cormac McCarthy´s The Border Trilogy
  • Read 192 pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s Collection (each day, it becomes more unlikely to achieve (
  • Read 1 story from Biútiful Frik (task already completed and the book is finished)
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 3
  • Read 26 pages of Mark Chadbourn´s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves (another task that is on the brink of completing)

I’ll try to knock out at least another task and make this day at least a little bit productive.

Off to read


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