Daily Journal: February 23,2023

A bit late for today´s post, but I didn´t wanted to start slacking with my daily writting, and decided that at least a quick update of how thing went yesterday and how today is about to end.

Yesterday´s results were substantially better, the grand total for the day was 255 pages, but the best part was that I could registered a couples of books that I finished yesterday, Biútiful Frik and Spy X Family Vol. 3, giving a total of 450 registered pages, and knocking down the total pages to reach 40, 000 to only 3,216 pages to go.

From the mandatory five tasks from my perpetual reading checklist, three were checked off, still, the two major tasks, Cormac McCarthy´s The Border Trilogy and H.P. Lovecraft´s Collection have proven quite difficult to have any meaninful progress, andfor the look of it, they will hang on a bit after my 100-day march begins. But once I get thru them, the big pay-off in form of 2,393 pages will make me really happy.

Now, for today´s checklist, my tasks go as follows:

  • Read 93 pages of Cormac McCarthy´s The Border Trilogy
  • Read 235 pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s Collection (yeah, right)
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 4
  • Read Spy X Family Vol. 5
  • Read 18 pages of Mark Chadbourn´s Hellboy: The Ice Wolves (another task that is on the brink of completing)

I’ll try to knock at least another task before my mind succumbs to the succulent embrace of Morpheus.

Off to read


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