Daily Journal: February 24, 2023

I’m closing out the day with none of today’s tasks, even remotely close to getting done, and with only the 17 pages from Hellboy: The Ice Wolves as a sure thing to achieve, maybe the checklist will have to wait until tomorrow.

I’ll focus on getting at least that easy task under my belt. Maybe try to close the Hellboy novel altogether,there’s only around 30 pages to go. With that, I can shave off another chunk of my goal of 40,000 total pages before the 100-day march begins on February 27.

But before I go into my last reading session of the day, there’s the joyous matter of finally finishing the second part of Cormac Mccarthy’s The Border Trilogy, brutally beautiful writing as always from such a master of the craft. Now, the final part of the story lays in front of me, Cities of the Plain. Judging by the previous parts of the story, this is going to close out majestically.

Off to read


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