Daily Journal: April 17, 2023

Although this day hasn’t been a really productive one for my reading, I’ll sit count it as a very satisfying one. This is because after a couple of years, I finally got on my hands o e of the most coveted, at least for me, volumes of my favorite manga series, Berserk.

It was really challenging to find it after countless trips to the specialty store of the publisher that prints it in Spanish, Panini Group, and two attempts on the online store to buy it, one of these attempts was with finally paying for it, excepting to find it on the shipping box, only to be disappointed with its absence and getting my money back but no Manga, but finally, volume number 14 is my collection and I’m read it right after I finish this post.

It arrived just at the nick of time, with six more volumes sitting waiting for their missing brother to join them. It’s the perfect addition to my reading queue for the final stretch of the year. Tallying about 1,200 between them and their addictive pace, it’s just the kind of boost I was longing.

To start off things for week number 46 of the year, new challenges arise. To begin with the 4,340 surplus pages from past weeks, which decreased by 172 pages from last week. This is closely followed by the 2,935 extra pages to the April quota. The addition of this new reading material will surely spark a new flame on the dwindling year.

Off to read.


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