Daily Journal: April 18, 2023

The wait to restart the story of Guts in the amazing manga series Berserk was well worth the wait. Last night, I finished reading volume 14, and for tonight’s session, I’ll continue with number 15 to close out the day in style.

I have high hope for my progress in these upcoming weeks, I have returned to my routine, finding little nooks and crannies in order to squeeze in short but effective sessions, so far so good. The testament of this is that I have a total for the month of April of 5,789 pages with a goal of reading an extra 2,671 pages to level the playing field for the final 37 days of this year’s journey.

It’s not an easy task, considering that there’s about 8,000 pages left on my minimal goal for the year and around 15,000 pages to match last year’s extraordinary results. To get to the big goals, I have to take little steps toward it, for this week, is represented by, firstly by another 971 pages, and then by 798 additional pages. Not so few steps, but compared to the behemoth task of 15,000 pages, those immediate goals look like a walk in the park.

Off to read.


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