Daily Journal: April 19,2023

Yesterday’s reading came to show me that if I stick to my routine, only good things can come out of it, case in point, my total was a whopping 524 pages, this with a work packed day.

I’m following the same dynamic every day. After doing my morning tasks, I pour myself a cup of coffee and try to read for at least 15 minutes, aiming to get to 30 minutes. After this, I get ready to head out and tackle the day’s schedule. If there’s no meetings, I try to squeeze in a couple of 15-minute sessions every couple of hours of intense work.

The only variation this week is that I have been having lunch by myself, the perfect opportunity to make some progress on whatever there’s on queue from the never-ending reading list, trying to do so on my tablet or kindle, there’s no point risking a perfect printed book to the trials of my sloppy eating. Better save than sorry.

As you can tell by the time that I sit down and post my daily entry, I’m getting ready to hit the hay, the perfect time to get one more reading session under my belt and finish the day with some pages on the read column.

For today’s final session, I’ll start with volume sixteen of the manga series Berserk, the last volume finish on a cliffhanger evolving some really freaky looking elves.

And if my stamina holds out for a little while longer, I’ll jump into the second volume of the series Batman Eternal, written by two superstar creators, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. The first volume was incredibly good, and I just can wait for the follow-up, the way it finishes, not to spoil anything, but the two villains teased at the end, pure genius.

My goals for the days ahead of me are to chip away at least 1,000 from the extra assignment for the month of April, thus getting way past the mark of this week’s quota, and contribute some positive pages, around 420, to the how diminish surplus pages from past weeks.

Off to read.


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