Daily Journal: April 23, 2023

I had grand plans for today, being World Book Club, one of the most important celebrations for us book lovers. Although not all what I envisioned for today’s festivities came to be, it was a very productive and fun day.

I still have around 8 pages left on my self-imposed daily quota. This is to finish by the end of April with the magnificent book The Ship of Magic, written by incomparable Robin Hobb. I must confess that there’s was a certain struggle at the beginning of reading to catch the flow of the book, but once the story progressed, it hooks you in.

The progress for today could have been a lot better, right now by total for the day is 336 pages, giving me 1,739 total pages for week number 46 of this year of reading. The optimum outcome for this week would have been finishing with a total of 2,058 pages, an extra 319 pages from where I stand right now, but there’s always another opportunity with the upcoming week.

The month of April, with the calendar pages rapidly falling, leaving a little less than a week to go, has a total of 7,239 pages, leaving me 1,221 pages to read in 6 days. As I said before, these extra pages are with the intention of giving me a fighting chance to reach the coveted 64,000-page mark in the end of the year, considering that after April finishes, I have only 37 days before the finish line.

Tomorrow, I’ll tally all that is missing in my digital log, and probably, if the day’s isn’t a smorgasbord of activities, I will post a “Numbers” entry, that is way overdue.

Off to read.


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