An epic December

I have finally finished with my Masters program, on Monday, I presented my final dissertation, it was a positive result, and I have officially received a passing grade.

With that out of my mind I can now focused a bit more on reading, and on this blog.

I have the intention make this December an epic reading event.

To start, I am 27 days behind my reading schedule for this short year.

My current total is 4,022 pages, and there are still 187 days left of reading, in order to get back on schedule my total for December must be 8, 941 pages, a gargantuan task to say the least.

In order to make this happen, I’m planning to intensify my comic book intake, and on the week of Christmas, that’s from December 21 to December 27, I will be doing a readathon of my own creation, with new challenges and surprises each day.

To start off this month with a bang, I will rely on my old friend Batman.

See you tomorrow for my daily update of how those 8,000 pages are coming along.

For now, I am off to read.


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