Daily Journal: April 8, 2023

I can now officially say that year number fifteen is my second best total page count of the whole project, now only, still a very considerable margin, behind the behemoth of a year that was last year’s reading. I tallied this morning, my latest reads, and got the pleasant surprise of reaching 47,736 pages, that’s 31 more than year number one.

Now, only stand 18,063 pages to match up to my greatest achievement, but to be completely honest and realistic, if I can cross the 60,000-page mark, I’ll be super proud of the outcome, and find some way to make up the difference in the upcoming years.

What concerns this week’s reading? With still a whole day left to do some serious reading, my total is 1,677 pages, which are 417 more than the minimum quota. My focus for the remaining sessions is to read at least 329 more pages to get my numbers balanced with the huge and thankfully reducing surplus pages from past weeks.

The month of April is shaping up to be another really successful outing. With a total of 3,250 pages in only 8 days, representing almost 60% of the monthly quota, it makes it that much easier to use the forward momentum to get those red numbers sponged into a more acceptable hue. Being that, according to my latest projection, I need around 3,000 extra pages to keep this year in shooting distance from the ultimate goal.

To keep things rolling, I have some pretty interesting things line-up. The first, which is already on the finished column, and consequently my first endeavor into Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Universe, is the graphic novel White Sands, set in the desert world Taldain, follows the perilous journey of the Sand Masters in a planet wide conspiracy to wipe them out,

Unlike Anakin Skywalker, I do enjoy sand, and it’s always pleasant to see stories portrayal on a desert setting, which is not a carbon copy of the most famous deserts in other Science fiction or fantasy universes, and the intricate and unique magical system of the sand manipulation is quite mesmerizing to see.

What I plan to read to close out the night is the fifth volume of the highly entertaining manga series Fairy Tail, following the rag-tag group of legendary wizards,at least, that’s how they portrayal themselves, as they fight uncovered Gray’s past while preventing a figure of his past reviving a dangerous calamity demon. This series is pure fun, I mean, if you can be impressed with a cat with wings, than nothing will.

Off to read.


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