Daily Journal: April 7, 2023

I haven’t tallied the last graphic novels from my last reading session, but there’s the certainty of this year being the second best total of this entire project, knocking off the very first year and only having last year’s behemoth accomplishment as the top and what I inspire to keep on doing for the upcoming 8 years.

Today’s total is 217, helping April’s quota pass 52% of the total with 2,912 pages. Also, this week’s quota has been achieved with 1,339 total pages and the two most productive days ahead of me. This time of progress helps me shift my focus to the additional pages lingering from weeks that my reading wasn’t as solid. That number is represented by 623 pages to get thru in order to keep the fight going toward a 64,000-page year.

The close out the evening’s reading I’ll work on the mysterious new book that is on my queue, which consequently is the next subject of discussion on the podcast “Estrellas y Dragones ” with our friend from loqueleemos.com. All that I can say is that it will be the first science fiction book that we tackle and is from an extremely popular author who is not famous for his endeavors in this particular genre, I have said enough.

I’ll take a few minutes before starting my last session to select a new manga series, being that the last available volume, number eleven, on my Kindle Unlimited membership of Noragami: Stray God is already in the finished column. There’s a few very interesting choices ranging from four available volumes to one that has over thirty volumes available. Let’s see what catches mu eye.

Off to read.


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