Daily Journal: March 30, 2023

I go into the last day of March with an impressive streak, and one that hopefully will hold for at least the spring vacation period, which in Mexico is two whole weeks.

Today’s total is 347 pages , giving me a whopping total for the 43th week of my fifteen year of this crazy endeavor of 1,557 pages. Could this be mythical week when I finally read 3 times the minimal quota? I’ll just have to keep on pounding away with my daily routine of reading and probably earn my first sigil, which will be forever engraved on my skin as a remainder of what I can achieve with a little effort and lots of discipline.

But better not get ahead of myself. It’s always good to get my feet on the ground and recite the daily mantra: one step at a time, one page at a time, although there’s no harm on getting excited while putting in the work.

As I said, this month has proven to be a turning point on how I started this year of reading and probably shaped this project for the remaining 8 years until my 50th birthday. What better testament of this, well, 6,482 total pages scream pretty loudly over the self-doubt that was looming over my head.

To keep things rolling in the right direction, there’s a plethora of reading material floating around to help me achieve my coveted goal. For tonight, I’ll be continuing with a new manga series that I stumbled upon, Noragami: Stray God.

It follows the misadventures of Yato, a homeless God that lacks both a shrine and worshipers, but his ambitions plan to have his own temple push him to start a help service, with a small fee as tribute, to fuel his endeavor he takes all sorts of oddball jobs to fill his pockets, as you can tell, chaos will most definitely ensue.

I’m just about to finish the third volume, and with plenty more available on my Kindle Unlimited membership, there’s a pretty clear notion of what I’ll be doing for the weekend.

Off to read.


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