Daily Journal: March 31,2023

There are only a few hours kept in the month of March, and I couldn’t be happier about how things are progressing. The total sits comfortably at 6,948 pages, that’s 1,430 over the projected quota, not quite the extra 2,000 pages that I would have like to have gone thru, but nonetheless, it’s still a pretty impressive feat.

The challenge that’s still alive and kicking is to read 3 times the weekly quota. Right now, I have a total of 2,023 pages for the week, leaving me with 1,757 pages to read in about 50 hours, quite the herculean task, but with the jolt of energy that this last few days have given me, 4 straight days logging over 400 pages of reading deserve a grand final act. There’s no question that I’ll jump into this skirmish head-on.

To close out today’s reading, I’ll continue with the sixth volume of the Manga series Noragami: Stray God, our rogue God Yato has proven to be more mischievous than first tough, and with a whirlwind of Gods, and some mythical warriors, the stakes are getting higher, not to spoil anything, but volume five ended on a sour note, that I presume will affect deeply the already angry demeanor of our protagonist.

If there’s a little bit of fuel left on the tank, I will probably continue with my path to have a better understanding of how my most beloved fantasy universe was created and populated with such a rich cultural and mythological background. I’m, of course, referring to what Professor Tolkien achieved with the creation of Middle-Earth.

Right now, I’m reading a chapter dubbed The Chaining of Melkor that follows the imprisonment of the OG Dark Lord of Middle-Earth, who consequently was mentor to Lord Sauron But if Sauron comes thru as an evil entity, Melkor, better known as Morgoth, makes him look like an amateur, that dude did some evil shit. Can wait to keep exploring the first age and all the mythology that shaped the place that feels like my second home.

Off to read.


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