Daily Journal: March 29, 2023

This particular day has been very satisfying and productive. I completed this month’s page quota. The current total for March is 6,135 pages, which are 617 extra pages from the desired total. There’s still 2,111 pages left on what I expected to chip away from the surplus pages of past months, quite the task for the two days left on the month. Nevertheless, I’ll give it my best to at least get 800 more pages.

As I said, this day, that still has a little more fuel left on the tank, as been a testament to my newfound routine. Before, I was obsessed with having these massive reading sessions that extended for hours on end, but now I found that the most efficient way to go about things is to have mini sessions, preferably of 15 minutes each, spreaded thru out the day.

Thanks to this new approach, my last four days have tallied a total of 1,589 pages. Now, the true challenge is to make this kind of results a habit, of course taking into account that the daily number I have to strive for is 180 pages, at least this is according to my projections for hitting the 1,000,000-page mark by my 50th birthday.

Slowly but surely, I have been seeing an increase in my daily average, which now is 88 daily pages. Still, there’s a lot of ground to cover, but as long as my numbers keep on moving forward, there’s room to maneuver toward the bigger goal.

This increase is in great part a result of looking for new sources of reading material that I haven’t tapped before, such as the example of the manga series that has been on my reading queue this last few days. Of course, I’m talking about Somari and the Guardian of the Forest, a beautiful fantasy tale with an amazing approach to the genre. Sadly, I just finished the sixth and final volume available, although, there’s some rumors that the creator, Yako Gureishi, is really determined to continue her magical work in the series. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I better get back to it. This, of course, is with the intention of getting past my weekly goal. There’s only 50 pages left, but the mere act of getting the task completed in three days holds more to it than simply another notch in the win column. It reignites my dwindling hope that I have a real shot of celebrating my 50th birthday on a really rainy city, turning the final page of my favorite book and hoisting the imaginary medal that is this lifelong dream.

Off to read.


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