Daily Journal: March 28, 2023

Another day with not only amazing results with my reading progress but also with the breathtaking books that I had the joy of reading today.

I’ll first get into what I achieved number wise, and it was a lot. Firstly, this is the third straight day with 300 or more pages, being today the one with the most, a whopping 378 total pages, with the final reading session pending, shooting for a 500-page day isn’t that farfetched.

With the month of March dwindling, there’s the question of how close am I to getting the monthly quota finished. Well, today is the day that I can say that the challenge is now officially on the win column. My current total is 5,616 pages representing 101% of this month’s desired total, so anything else that goes into the books is going toward getting those pesky surplus pages out of that awful red tint that has been bothering me for months.

The plan was to read around 2,700 additional pages on March to try and tip the scales back in favor of the main goal of 64,000 pages for the year. This is quite the gargantuan task, but non the less, and judging how things are progressing this week, there’s a perfect window to get that much needed boost to finish strong.

I continue reading the fourth volume of manga series Somari and the Guardian of the Forest, and it hasn’t let up, the story just getting more emotional, heartwarming, and gut-wrenching

But my favorite read of the day was the delightful and beautifully illustrated Kodi. It is the story of Katya, a lonely girl who finds solace and friendship in the most unlikely of places, the backwoods of her grandmother’s house in the form of a gigantic but gentle bear. She shares her love for comic books and a ton of delicious food to form an unbreakable bond that no amount distance can destroy. The writer and illustrator, Jared Cullum, captures the hazy mood thru some amazing watercolor artwork that just floats from page to page. This type of story is why I keep coming back to comic books.

Off to read.


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