Daily Journal: March 22, 2023

Another slow day of reading, right now my total sits at 48 pages, and with the day in its last straw, I don’t see that number going up that much, but you never know.

Still, there’s always a bright spot on the day. For example, my total for Match sits now at 4,358 pages, close to 80% of the monthly quota, that’s only 1,160 pages left to reach the projected total. The other thing is that going thru my digital comic collection, I found a Black Panther series written by the amazingly talented Nnedi Okorafor.

For those not familiar with her work, she has an excellent sci-fi series,Binti, following her journey as the first member of her tribe to be accepted to the very prestigious intergalactic university Oomza Uni. The first volume of the series won the prestigious Hugo and Nebula Awards for the best novella in 2016.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be delving into a lot of series involving King T’Challa or his immediate universe. This particular collection of digital comic books became available for free to commemorate the untimely and traffic passing of actor Chadwick Boseman, who gave life in such an amazing and regal way to such a powerful character.

For now, I’ll maybe squeeze in another adventure in the kingdom of Wakanda, or maybe go and navigate some treacherous seas in a sentient ship.

Off to read.


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