Daily Journal: March 23, 2023

Tonight will be a quick post. The day was a bit hectic, with a lot going on with a few projects and life in between. There wasn’t really that much time to unwind and read a few chapters, but I’ll make sure that over the weekend, some of my pending goals will be achieved.

I mean, 13 total pages for the day will not just cut it, and with the monthly quota just at my reach. It is imperative that my focus remain on the little steps toward the bigger goal.

I have a feeling with the upcoming event of Tolkien Reading Day. This slump will come to an end. I’ll regain that exhilarating rhythm that got me excited and hopeful that this year will end with my total over 64,000 pages and one step closer to getting the coveted million pages while celebrating my 50th birthday.

Off to read.


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