Daily Journal: March 21, 2023

I’m finding it really difficult to get back to the magnificent reading pace that kicked off this illustrious month. Today’s current total is the evidence of my struggle. The day is about to end, and my total is only 117, alas, this will not become the measure nor the rhythm that will define my reading going forward, I’ll make sure of it.

What gives me a little bit of calmness is that my total for the month is still ahead of schedule, sitting comfortably at 4,247 pages, a little over 75% of the total quota, giving me only 1,271 left on the month projection, and opening a really good possibility to chip away some of those pesky surplus pages from past weeks.

Part of why my day has not been so productive, reading wise, of course, is in part of the really hectic schedule that the day after a holiday presents, but mostly is because I’m trying out a new approach to how I schedule my reading sessions around my work and also how my analog tracking becomes more simple to maintain but keeping it expressive and concise. All of this takes time and, more importantly, patience. At least there was an opportunity to sit outside, catch some sun, and watch how everything is begging to awake from their slumber.

To close out the day, I’m torn between one final session of Robin Hobb’s The Ship of Magic or continue with H.P. Lovecraft’s collection. I’ll probably let a D20 decide. The only thing is that I’m not sure what the Charisma modifiers should be.

Off to read.


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