Daily Journal: March 10, 2023

Another successful day of reading, make that 10 in a row, a perfect way to keep things rolling toward that coveted 64,000-page goal for the year fifteen of reading.

As I posted yesterday, the 40,000-page mark has been successfully surpassed, and the total for the month of March now sits at 2,203 pages, representing almost 40% of the monthly quota. This weekend should be more than sufficient to reach the halfway point, and hopefully, register some more pages.

With that in mind, my immediate goal is to, preferably, by tomorrow, reach this week’s quota, there’s 271 left to do so, and maybe aim towards getting the 800 additional pages to keep chipping away at the amounting surplus pages from past weeks.

To help me along the way, there’s a couple of graphic novels on my queue. The first item is the third volume of the epic adventures of the deadly and furry Miyamoto Usagi, currently on page 151, and the sixth volume of Elves, published by French publisher Delcourt, one of the graphic novels with the most beautiful artwork that I had the privilege to read.

All of this sprinkled with a few pages from Robin Hobb’s The Ship of Magic with a side order of H.P. Lovecraft.

Off to read.


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