Daily Journal: March 9, 2023

Another with really satisfying results, not only did I get my daily quota in, but also crossed the 2000-page mark for the month of March, which represents around 37% of this month’s quota.

To top this amazing progress, there’s the joyous matter of finishing the second volume of Usagi Yojimbo Saga, which has 662 total pages, taking into account that I was only 380 something pages away from the 40,000-page mark, it’s safe to say that another milestone of this year of reading has been claimed.

I still have to make it official by registering the finished graphic novel in my digital records, but unofficially, I’m a step closer to my ultimate goal of 64,942 pages. It reminds me that I haven’t posted a numbers update in quite a while. As tradition dictates, come next Monday, there will be a fresh post with the current state of my year and the project in general.

Tonight, as a closing session for this remarkable day, my reading adventures will take aboard the magic ship so beautifully depicted by the extremely talented Robin Hobb, and maybe, if I don’t succumb to quickly to sleep, a quick peruse off the dismal imagination of H.P. Lovecraft.

Off to read.


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